Great Saturday Seminar — Plus Health Minister Training!

Great Saturday Seminar — Plus Health Minister Training!

We're spreading the word this week! Health Ministers are gearing up for an action packed week and bringing the life-saving truth of The Hallelujah Diet to points across the globe!
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This past Saturday we once again filled the auditorium here at Hallelujah Acres for our first Saturday-of-the-month “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar. They were here from across America! Folks came from California, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, and a dozen or so other states in-between. We even had guests from Canada and Nigeria. But the thing that was unique about this seminar was the first timers. Usually the number of people attending the seminar for the first time is about 75%, but for this seminar the number of first time attendees was about 90%. Most attending were excited to be here while a few were skeptical that a change in diet could improve their health. Well that skepticism soon vanished before the seminar even began, as those on the diet began sharing their testimonies of how their health improved after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. The testimonies must have lasted for at least 15 minutes as dozens of individuals told of all manner of physical problems going away after making a simple diet and lifestyle change. One gentleman told how in just three days after making the diet and lifestyle change a number of physical problems had disappeared. Another person shared how, in just three weeks, physical problems that had plagued him for many years had simply gone away. Some reported cancers gone, diabetes gone, arthritis gone, tremendous weight losses, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, increased energy, and so much more. These testimonies always set the stage for the "God's Way to Ultimate Health" message that improving health with a dietary change is a beautiful reality! Our next first Saturday-of-the-month “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, NC is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th. Mark your calendar, make plans to join us — and invite a friend! Rhonda’s Friday Evening Culinary Class had about 40 in attendance and she outdid herself with a St. Patrick’s full course meal! Beginning with “Top O' The Morning” veggie juice, an entrée of “Corn Beef and Cabbage” (yes all vegan), and a dessert called “Shamrock Shake”. Those attending couldn’t believe how tasty all the recipes were. Following Rev. Malkmus’ seminar over 50 people stayed for Paul and Ann Malkmus’ three-hour Where Do We Go from Here presentation as “AM and PM” (as Paul and Ann are affectionately known) shared a sample day on The Hallelujah Diet. In that presentation they showed how to make the diet practical and doable on a daily basis.

2-Day Workshop

Rev. Malkmus’ 2-Day Workshop began Monday, March 5 with folks from across America and several countries around the world in attendance. During the workshop, Rev. Malkmus focuses on the finer details of and reasons for a vegan diet and lifestyle if one wishes to obtain and maintain ultimate health.

Health Ministry Training

Health Minister Training begins Wednesday, March 7 at 8:00 a.m. with nearly 100 registered to attend. This will be our 68th Health Minister training since we began our Health Minister program in 1994! Those who receive their Health Minister certificates on Friday will join more than 10,000 previously trained Health Ministers who are ministering in every state in the United States as well in 48 foreign countries. Our next 2-Day Workshop and Health Ministry training here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina is scheduled for the week of July 9 through 13, 2012.

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