Great Responses to "Cancer" Blog

Great Responses to "Cancer" Blog

Here are some of the best email responses to my recent "Cancer: A Matter of Choice" blog post:
“Thank God, I along with being on your Hallelujah Diet and health inspiration — I’ve been cancer free after breast cancer surgery for over 20 years! Hallelujah!!” ~ Joy W.
“An excellent overview article on cancer, worthy of very wide distribution.” ~ George K.
“In addition to telling us what not to eat,, We need to know what to eat.” ~ Rowena L.
“Theodore Baroody wrote a marvelous book “Alkalize or Die”. I’m not sure if that is where I learned that living enzymes in raw plant food die at the temperature of 107 degrees, the very same temperature at which the human body will die. We are so connected to the earth, it only makes sense that raw organic plant life sustains and nourishes the human body like nothing else. Also Chlorophyll in plants is only one molecule different than human blood. We are wonderfully and marvelously created by the hand of God.” ~ Bobby D.
“The book of Daniel helps to clarify that simple foods are more healthful than the king’s (rich)) diet; however, we must be careful to point people to the whole truth if we want them to be free from disease. Matthew 15:17-20 tells us what defiles the body (what comes out the mouth, not what goes into it). God has promised us many times in His word to keep us free from the diseases of “Egypt” if we will obey His word. Sometimes curses have to be broken and evil spirits cast out, as demonstrated by the Lord and his disciples, in order to cleanse people of “defilement” picked up before they walked in covenant with the Lord. Praise God, His word is still true today!” ~ Nancy

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