Good News from Africa, Norway, the Philippines, and New Zealand!

Good News from Africa, Norway, the Philippines, and New Zealand!

This week's testimonies come from all over the world! Read these fascinating stories of restored health despite cultural traditions and the scarcity of foods we take for granted in America.
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Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences following The Hallelujah Diet! One of the most favorite parts of my day is reading the letters and testimonies sent by subscribers of this Health Tip — who now number close to 100,000! Please keep sending those letters and testimonies as they “make my day.”
Dear George and Rhonda, Thank you for putting down in print The Hallelujah Diet and at no cost. May God bless you richly! In 2010 my pastor was bouncing around in new health as a result of learning about and applying The Hallelujah Diet. He mentioned your book The Hallelujah Diet, and after reading it I decided to give it a try. At the time of making the diet and lifestyle change I weighed 90kg and had been hypertensive since age 34. As I write, I am now age 58 but looking age 30, and my weight has dropped 20kg . My blood pressure has dropped from 220/95 to 110/65 and is like that of a baby. Three other women have joined me on The Hallelujah Diet and others are indicating strong interest. My challenge is that I live in a place in Nigeria that believes women need to be fat in order to look healthy. Because of my weight loss, I am daily being bombarded with questions to find out whether all is well with my health. But I don’t mind, I just use the opportunity to preach The Hallelujah Diet to them. Margaret E., Calabar, Nigeria, Africa
Rev. Malkmus, I’m so thankful to God for your program, and also for your life that God is using as an instrument to educate people how to live a life that is pleasing to God – a healthy life. Six years ago my friend gave me a copy of your book titled The Hallelujah Diet. After learning about The Hallelujah Diet, I started applying the principles to my husband’s diet who had already had a heart by-pass and was diabetic. I praise God, that as a result of my husband changing his diet to eating raw fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of fresh vegetable juices, he was able to return to work as a ship’s captain and has been fully restored and rejuvenated. Estephanie S., Philippines
Dr. Malkmus, I was on the mission field for three months. When I returned to the states, I knew that my immune system had been compromised because I had developed a severe rash. Immediately upon returning to the states I did a detox for parasites and returned to The Hallelujah Diet. Within three weeks the rash was totally gone, my skin was healed, and I felt energetic again. Praise God, no prescription antibiotics were needed – only doing it God’s way! Thank God for The Hallelujah Diet! Amen! Dr. Coraleen B., Missionary
Rev. Malkmus, I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for nearly two years and love reading your weekly Health Tips. Not only have I seen my own health improve greatly on The Hallelujah Diet, but my daughter has overcome breast cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery thanks to The Hallelujah Diet. Dixie P., Durango, Colorado
It is very hard to get the Norwegian people to change their diet, which consists of large amounts of milk, meat, and bread. Because of this poor diet, we desperately need a Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center here in this beautiful country. As a result of this poor diet, our children, especially our children, suffer greatly and many are sick during the long dark months of winter. Also, it is very hard to get Hallelujah Acres products here in Norway because the border laws don’t allow them into the country. Would you consider selling your products and books inside of Norway? Currently our only means of obtaining your products is asking friends to bring them into our country in their suitcases from the states or from England. Heidemarie C., Norway EDITOR RESPONDS – Heidemarie, we would love to have someone from Norway come here to Shelby for training as a Health Minister. Health Ministers have the ability to purchase our products at wholesale prices and thus make our products available in your country, or our products can be picked up by a retail establishment and thus make them available to the public. Also, it would be wonderful if someone from your country came for training as a Health Minister and then went back to Norway and established a Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center there.
Dear Rev. Malkmus, could you please tell me what your views are about women having mammograms. Thank you most sincerely. Janette R., New Zealand EDITOR RESPONDS – Janette, mammograms are cancer promoting! A more effective and totally safe way of screening the breast for cancer is thermography. However, rather than focusing on screening for cancer, it is much more important to maintain a diet/lifestyle that doesn’t allow for the development of cancer in the first place. The Hallelujah Diet provides this protection.

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