God Placed Allergy Remedies Within Your Reach

God Placed Allergy Remedies Within Your Reach

Hi, this is Paul. I had a neighbor who suffered from seasonal allergies. The poor guy would wear a mask to be super careful about pollen when he did his yard work. Yard work is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but how can you relax when you’re worried about the sneezing, watery eyes, scratchy throat and coughing that come with respiratory allergies? And what do you do about it? Most people are led to believe that once they have allergies, it’s a lifetime affliction. But my dad is one of many who discovered that you don’t need medication to treat allergies. He says that he had allergies “most of my teen age years up until I was 42-years old when I made the diet change. Sneezing a dozen times without stopping and nose running like a turned on faucet that wouldn’t stop without medication. My eyes were bleary and running. I had annual allergy attacks for at least 25 years. I couldn’t go into the pulpit and preach without using Allerest. And there were times when the medication didn’t work very well.” Then, when he completely changed his diet to beat cancer, something else happened. The same seemingly miraculous transformation that stopped his cancer in its tracks also defeated his allergies. So, no more Allerest and a greatly reduced need for handkerchiefs. My dad says that he “made the diet change in January 1976 and, by the spring of 1976, just a few months later, my allergies were gone – he did not need Allerest – and in the past 39 years I have not had an allergy symptom. This past spring was a very heavy pollen time here in Florida – my car was yellow with pollen – and I didn’t have as much as a sniffle. I will have been on the Hallelujah Diet 40 years this coming January 2016 without any return of my annual allergies.” The truth is that it all comes down to how we treat our bodies. If our cells are healthy, we’re healthy. To do that, we need to give our cells the nutrition they need while avoiding the toxins and physical damage that cause diseases including allergies. So how do we do that? For one thing, we need to avoid toxins that many people put in their bodies including medicinal drugs, vaccines, chlorine and fluoride in our water and all the chemicals in our environment and processed foods—all of which make our cells sick. Instead, we should follow the path that God laid out for us. When God created human beings, He gave us the ability to avoid diseases and other threats to our bodies and health. The living foods from the Garden provided all the nutrition to enable each cell in the body to function the way God intended. There were no toxins in the environment, water and the raw plant foods that nature provided. In fact, there were no recorded instances of sickness until some 1,600 years after Adam and Eve sinned. Things have progressively gotten worse over time, particularly current times. Thanks to decades of poor farming practices, much of our topsoils have washed away. Our foods are grown in soil that typically lacks enough nutrients to keep our body’s cells healthy. And the minerals we need to stay healthy, including iodine, selenium and magnesium, are lacking in the typical American diet. With some 60 million Americans suffering from allergies, they would be wise to do what my father did. He took a good, long look at what he was putting into his body and the many toxins he was subjecting himself to. And, of course, he created the Hallelujah Diet that he credits with supplying his body with what it needed to cure his cancer and allergies. By the way, a colleague of mine, Olin Idol, has a story you might find enlightening: “My wife Myra had pretty severe allergies most of her life. Exposure to grasses, weeds, certain foods, animals, and chemicals would lead to an allergic reaction. She went through allergy testing and allergy shots, all to no avail. When I adopted the Hallelujah Diet a little over 20 years ago, she was not willing to do so. However, she did agree to give the barley juice powder a try. “Wow, her first serving resulted in a hypersensitive immune response with an asthma attack that required the use of an inhaler, much like exposure to other allergens. We reduced her serving size to 1/8 teaspoon daily (that was the level she could tolerate with no reaction). She gradually increased the serving size so that in six months she was up to one tablespoon twice daily, had made no dietary changes and her allergies were 95% gone. She then began getting on the Hallelujah Diet!” Even my wife Ann periodically suffered from allergies. “As a young girl in high school, I was getting weekly allergy shots for numerous potential triggers. They stopped when I went to college and, for several years, I never thought of them again. In my late twenties, while bending over strawberry plants in Iowa, harvesting those delectable fruits, I found myself sneezing, wheezing and coughing once again. Just as harvesting those fruits became an annual event, so were the accompanying allergies. They would last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Instead of praising God for the reprieve from the long, cold and snowy winter, I was lamenting about the dry and itchy eyes and the constant runny nose.” “After several years of this, I changed my diet and, within one year, I could boldly go where I had gone before and never even bring a Kleenex! If there was anything to spur me to continue my new eating habits, it is to never return to that mucousy moment in history!” If you or someone you love is afraid of going into the new Spring Season, let them read this article. Show them some of the tasty ways to enjoy a renewed sense of health. Everyone should hear that contrary to popular opinion, you really CAN change the season of health you are in!

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