Gender Crisis — At 2 Years Old

Gender Crisis — At 2 Years Old

Several weeks ago I shared a message titled “What Causes Large Breasts, Big Kids, and Homosexuality?” which drew a lot of feedback. Below I share more responses from that article as well as a few on other topics:
“Dear George, Thank you for your article regarding ‘Large Children, Big Breasts, and Homosexuals’. I have been a vegetarian for about 16 years by the Lord’s grace after reading Genesis 1:29. I have also read the bible about the homosexuals not entering the kingdom of heaven. A few weeks ago I saw a documentary where little children who at the age as early as 2-years were discovered with a sex identity crisis. Girls feeling like they were boys and boys feeling like they were in a body of a girl. I asked the Lord, how can this be? Why if You created us perfect are these little ones being born this way? Your article has answered my question and I thank you for having the courage to write this truth. Thank you for your ministry and looking forward to other articles in the future. In the love of Jesus,” ~ Marty O.
“Thank you George for your life-saving work spreading health and nutritional advice. Have known you since Shelby, North Carolina back in the early 1990’s in Shelby, North Carolina where we met at one of your seminars. Please enjoy your well deserved retirement, although I know you will never stop spreading the word about health. God Bless you and Rhonda.” ~ Nancy S.
“I cry with tears of joy for Rev. Malkmus and his wife Rhonda that they will soon retire from traveling. It sure takes its toll. What lives Rev. Malkmus you have touched not only from the great rewards of eating healthy food, raw and juicing diet change, but by telling people of the Great saving salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. How God is smiling down upon your life and the greatest gift ever. The gift of salvation and God’s grace and love. Thank you for the teachings and message to live a healthier life to overcome health problems and disease. You were obedient and were content in all circumstances to share God’s original way in the Garden. We all were blessed greatly and you have touched our lives. Leaving us your imprint to tell others to keep the message of healthy eating Gods Way and salvation going forth. Not enough words to express how grateful I am for your ministry. And not to mention your wife – What a treasure she is and the way she stuck by your side and was your companion for twenty-three years and counting. May God continue to keep a watchful eye over these two loving people! May your remaining days be filled with the sun shining upon you both and happiness until Jesus comes. Prayers for all and especially for Paul and Ann, Rev. Malkmus’ son and daughter in law who will keep the ministry going. Love, Peace, and may Jesus be with you every step.” ~ Chona C.

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