Free Health Insurance — Available To All

Free Health Insurance — Available To All

The best things in life are free, including health insurance! Rev. Malkmus shares a revolutionary idea in health care that is so simple — it just might work.
“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison
Food as a key to health represents a powerful challenge to conventional medicine, which is fundamentally built on drugs and surgery. The wide spread communities of nutrition professionals, researchers and doctors are, as a whole, either unaware of this evidence or reluctant to share it. Because of these failings, Americans are being cheated out of information that could save their lives.” ~ T. Colin Campbell, PhD – The China Study
In last week’s Health Tip, I provided much evidence showing that our entire society is geared toward disease and "disease care" rather than health and true "health care." This week I want to offer an alternative. See if you don’t agree that this alternative is vastly better, much less expensive, while offering superior results:

Modern Medicine Has Never Healed Anyone of Anything!

Think about that statement for a moment. Do you agree with it? Here are a few questions to prompt some thought: Does modern medicine have the ability to restore “health” to the DIABETIC? Or does having “health insurance” even matter? The answer to both is “No!" Modern medicine does not rid the diabetic's blood sugar problem; in fact, most doctors treat only the symptom with drugs and insulin to lessen the symptom. Do these drugs eliminate the diabetic condition? Or do they merely chemically reduce readings while exacerbating the problem? As the condition continues to deteriorate, what can the doctor offer besides stronger drugs or the amputation of a limb, or blindness, or an early death? Does modern medicine restore “health” to the person with high blood pressure? Or does having “health insurance” even matter? The answer to both again is “No!" Rather than restoring “health” by removing the high blood pressure problem, most doctors only treat the symptom with toxic drugs, while telling the patient they must remain on these toxic drugs the rest of their life. And what do these drugs do? Besides chemically lowering blood pressure, these drugs often cause new and often more serious problems. As arteries continue to clog due to a fatty diet, what can modern medicine offer besides more drugs, by-pass surgery, balloon therapy, and stents? Do these modalities restore “health” to the patient or do they offer only temporary relief of symptoms while the fat continues to build up in the arteries, often resulting in a life-threatening heart attack or stroke. Does modern medicine restore “health” to the person suffering with arthritis? Or does having “health insurance” even matter? The answer once again is “No” to both questions. Most doctors treat the symptoms of arthritis (pain and swelling) with ever more powerful painkilling drugs in an effort to relieve the increasing pain and swelling. Meanwhile, the arthritic continues to see their “health” deteriorate, often resulting in debilitating surgery or a wheelchair. Does modern medicine restore “health” to the migraine sufferer? Or does having “health insurance” even matter? The answer once again is “No” to both questions. Rather than ridding the migraine sufferer of their debilitating problem, most doctors prescribe powerful and toxic painkilling drugs in an effort relieve the symptom, which the sufferer has to continue to take in increasingly powerful forms while never eliminating the problem. I could continue to list almost every physical problem for which a person seeks the help of modern medicine (other than accidents for which modern medicine is life-saving), and you tell me what problem the doctor, using his or her best knowledge and drugs, was able to eliminate. Friends, “health insurance”, even the best and most expensive, paid for by the individual, employer, or government, does not have the ability to restore “health” to anyone for anything! Why is this so?

Only The Body Has The Power To Restore Health

Doctors can do their best to mitigate (lessen) symptoms, but neither they nor drugs have the power to heal the patient. Before health can ever be restored to anyone, we must realize that all healing is self-healing and that all healing comes from the inside out and cannot come from the outside in! Toxic drugs do not have the power to heal; in fact, they complicate the healing. The only power drugs have is to chemically relieve the symptom while at the same time poisoning the body and possibly creating new and often more serious problems than the drug was designed to help. Many years ago, one of the 68 medical doctors who have gone through our Health Minister Training here at Hallelujah Acres, gave me a copy of the Physicians’ Desk Reference manual (PDR). It is a huge book containing over 3,000 pages. Within its pages you will find almost every drug prescribed by doctors, along with a listing of all the adverse effects that drug is capable of creating. These adverse effects consume most of the 3,000 pages of the book! Listen closely to the next drug advertisement on TV or read the fine print in that drug ad in a magazine. First it tells you of all the wonderful benefits that drug can bring – followed by warnings telling of all the bad things that drug can create within the body of the person who takes that drug – sometimes those adverse effects even include death. Again, drugs do not have the power to heal – only the body possesses that power! Where did that healing power come from? This ability to heal was placed into the genetic coding of those first humans (Adam & Eve) by God. This self-healing ability has been passed from generation to generation in the genes, until it ended up in the body of every human being – including your body and mine!

God Built Self-Healing Into Each Of Us

You already have self-healing built into your body! And because of it, we have no need for “health insurance," which is not "health" insurance at all, but "disease" insurance. If we are currently sick and want to be made whole, we must cooperate with the body so that this built-in self-healing that God placed within each of us can manifest. Modern medicine complicates both the problem and the “healing” process, making it more difficult for the body to do what God designed it to do: heal itself. With that as a little background and introduction, let’s consider three areas: (1) How God designed the human physical body; (2) How God designed the body to function; and (3) How the body responds to various stimuli (e.g. drugs, food, drink, etc.): 1. We Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;” (Psalm 139:14)
No one can properly understand or appreciate the human physical body, without first acknowledging the body’s origin and designer – GOD!
“And the Lord GOD formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7)
Yes my friend, after God had created this earth, He now had the building materials with which to create man – “dust of the ground” (minerals). Then, in Genesis 2:7, using these dead minerals (“dust of the ground”) as building material, “GOD formed man.” But this “GOD formed man” made “of the dust of the ground” is dead and lifeless, similar to what we see when we look into a casket of a departed loved one at a funeral. That is, until GOD “breathed into his nostrils the breath of LIFE and man became a LIVING soul.” God Places Man In A Garden
“And the Lord God planted a garden eastward of Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.” (Genesis 2:8)
Immediately after creating this first human (Adam), God places Adam in a garden, and then we read: “And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food...Next we learn that after God created this first human, Adam, God said to Adam:
Behold, I have given you every herb (vegetable) bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat (FOOD).” (Genesis 1:29)
Friends, there is nothing more important for a person to know after they are born, if that person is to have a healthy body and live a long and healthy life here on earth, than what we have just read! Let me explain why I make such a statement: The physical body we each possess is a living organism, comprised of living cells, designed by God to be nourished with living (raw) plant-sourced foods! All the foods found in the garden into which God placed man — and which God told Adam to eat for food — were living plant foods. That is, they were all foods that grew in the garden (fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts), which means they still contained their life force (enzymes). When we consume these living foods God designed our bodies to be nourished with, and the freshly extracted juices thereof, our bodies have the nourishment and building materials needed to produce health! When we cook these living garden foods, we destroy their life force (enzymes), and thus that living food is converted to a dead food by the heat. Dead food cannot properly nourish living cells! Death cannot produce life! This simple truth is the key to life, health, and longevity! Please note that every animal in the wild, carnivorous or vegetarian instinctively eats its food in its raw and living form as they have done since God created them. Only man, who has lost all natural instinct, will take what God has provided in its raw and living form in nature, and cook it — destroying all enzymes and life force. When we go outside the garden to obtain our food (consuming animal flesh or dairy, refined sugar, refined flour, refined table salt, caffeine, saturated and trans-fats, etc.), we are in danger of doing great harm to the physical body. Why?BecauseGod created a physical body designed to functions properly only when it is provided the living garden foods He (God) designed that body to be nourished with! The body malfunctions when a person goes outside the garden to obtain their food. This is the cause of most physical problems (other than accidents). The Bible says in Proverbs 26:2 that “The curse causeless shall not come.” Almost every physical problem man experiences (other than injury from accidents) is caused by putting something into the body — food, drink, or drugs — that God never designed the physical body to contend with. Our body is similar to an automobile in a way. Your car runs smoothly and properly when provided the right grade or octane of gasoline, but pings and knocks when it is given a low octane or contaminated fuel. 2. How Your Body Was Designed To Function (a) Researchers tell us that the human physical body is comprised of approximately 100 trillion living cells! Whether it be our hair or nails, muscles or bone, flesh or blood, immune system or whatever part of the body you care to name, everything that comprises our physical body is comprised of living cells. (b) Researchers also reveal that these 100 trillion living cells are constantly in the process of dying and replacing themselves at the rate of approximately 300 million cells per minute. Blood cells are dying and replacing daily, taste buds replace in about 2 weeks, surface layer of skin replaces in about 4 weeks, while bone cells take about a year. (c) Research further reveals that as these living cells die and replace, the quality of each replacement cell depends on the building materials available to it. If that living cell is provided with living (garden) food, the nourishment God designed it to have, it will be of highest quality! But if provided with dead or non-garden foods, the new cell will be of poorer quality. Friends, what I have just shared is the key to life, health, and longevity! And with this knowledge almost every individual can take control of his or her own health. Yes, with this knowledge each person can now determine whether they want to “be in health” (3 John 2) or live in sickness. Here is how the Bible expresses this individual responsibility:
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man (or woman) soweth, that shall he (or she) also reap.” Galatians 6:7
3. How The Body Responds To Various Stimuli (Food, Drink, Drugs) The Hallelujah Diet is based on the Genesis 1:29 diet, the very diet God told Adam and Eve they were to consume to nourish their physical bodies. And who would know what the best source of nourishment was for the physical body than God, the very Creator of that body? The foundation of The Hallelujah Diet is solid, biblical, and cannot be refuted. How is it then that, over the years, Hallelujah Acres has learned a number of reasons why a 100% raw, living, plant-sourced diet has some weaknesses? This weakness is due to the quality and nutrient density of the garden foods available to us today, and the weakened physical bodies we have to contend with due to years of abuse. Due to these factors, we encourage the consumption of freshly extracted vegetable juices, and we also allow 15% of the garden foods to be in cooked form. Also, due to research and personal experience, we encourage carefully selected supplementation to obtain maximum results. The Hallelujah Diet The Hallelujah Diet is comprised of approximately 85% raw, living, plant-sourced foods, freshly extracted vegetable juices, green smoothies and blended salads, 15% cooked, plant-sourced foods, and the use of some important supplements. These foods (especially the juices, green smoothies and blended salads) provide the body with superior cell building materials, materials the body then uses to rebuild the immune system and restore health to the sick and maintain wellness once health has been restored. Millions of people around the world have adopted The Hallelujah Diet, while tens-of-thousands have reported that when they adopted The Hallelujah Diet, most all of their physical and even psychological problems went away — and they don’t get sick anymore. This editor has been on The Hallelujah Diet for over 36 years. While on this diet, I recovered from colon cancer in 1976 and a hemorrhagic stroke due to stress in 2001 — both without a doctor’s help or health insurance. As I approach my 80th birthday, I still possess a strong and healthy body, with no physical or mental limitations that I am aware of, even though I stopped carrying health insurance 36 years ago. Every Physical Problem Has A Cause As mentioned above, the Bible tells us in Proverbs 26:2 that “... the curse causeless shall not come.” This verse indicates that if I do not entertain the "cause" of sickness, the “curse” (sickness) “will not come.” This explains why Christians are just as sick as non-Christians:
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)
Don’t you think it is high time God’s people got back to nourishing their bodies with the foods God told us we should eat in Genesis 1:29? Don’t you think it’s time for God’s people to manifest the health God designed for each of us? You and you alone hold the key to your own health! Will you choose to “be in health”? (3 John 2). Your health is dependent on how well you nourish and exercise your body. Your health is your responsibility and no one else’s! The Best Health Insurance Policy Available Anywhere & It's Free There is not a Health Insurance policy available anywhere, provided by the private sector or government, no matter its cost, that can restore health. Why? Because only the body has the innate ability to restore "health." Restoration of health can only take place when we provide conditions conducive to health within the body so that the body can do what God designed it to do – heal itself! And there is absolutely no cost associated with this healing – because it is provided by God, FREE OF CHARGE! Hallelujah & Amen! Next week the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high, I will share the solution to our current dilemma concerning disease care with a true health care program. Trust you will join us!

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