Florida Speaking Tour a Great Success

Florida Speaking Tour a Great Success

During the past two weeks, Rhonda and this editor have driven nearly 2,500 miles, slept in 12 different beds, delivered seven seminars and taped two television programs. We left our home in the Villages of Hallelujah Acres on January 13th and drove to Tallahassee where we held our first seminar on the 14th. From there we drove to Tampa where on the 15th I videotaped two programs for future viewing on the Homekeepers show with Arthelene Rippy. On Saturday morning the 16th we had our largest attendance of the tour in Tampa. Then on Sunday afternoon the 17th we did a seminar in Naples. Since our next seminar was not until Thursday evening the 21st, we took a little side trip to Key West, Florida where we enjoyed a couple of days of R&R. It was nice to take a break and it really seemed strange not having to do something or go someplace for a few days. It is rare that we get a break like this. On Thursday evening the 21st a seminar in Plantation, Florida had in attendance Ellie Pagan, the wife of General Pagan, who is in charge of all military operations in Haiti. I learned that they have been married for 32 years and General Pagan has been in the military for 30 of those 32 years. Mrs. Pagan has a juicer and is excited about implementing the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle. Saturday, the 23rd I delivered my God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar in Kissimmee, Florida and then drove to Daytona where I spoke that evening. Sunday morning we drove to Jacksonville for an afternoon seminar and then drove about half of the way home before getting a motel, and then finished the trip home Monday morning. It was so good to be home, but then waiting for me was the need to have this Health Tip completed quickly. I usually have it ready to deliver to our staff for tweaking and mailing on Monday, but here I am just finishing it up on Tuesday morning. I had fortunately written most of the feature article while in Key West during those days of R&R. Rhonda and I are doing well and no worse for wear after nearly two weeks on the road. I can’t believe I am still able to maintain such a vigorous schedule at soon-to-be 76 years old, but then realize I’m on The Hallelujah Diet.

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