Florida Seminar and TV Appearance

Florida Seminar and TV Appearance

Rev. Malkmus, Rhonda, and Graeme and Beverley Coad are inspiring Florida to adopt The Hallelujah Diet!
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This past Friday, February 10th I had the opportunity to appear on Arthelene Rippy’s Homekeeper TV program in Largo, Florida. I first appeared on her show in 1999 and have appeared on her show most every year since. We appreciate Arthelene so much for her support and prayers these many years! Appearing on the show with me were Health Ministers Dave and Sherry Orcutt. Dave and Sherry own and operate our Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida. On the telecast, Dave shared how 11 years ago he was unable to walk due to debilitating multiple sclerosis and how in less than a year on The Hallelujah Diet he totally recovered. Dave and Sherry also assisted me, along with my wife Rhonda, with Saturday’s seminar in the Embassy Suites Ballroom in Brandon, Florida. The ballroom was set up with 250 chairs and we not only filled all the chairs but also had a few standing around the wall. The testimonies shared by those gathered are always the highlight of these seminars! Folks share all the improvements they have experienced in their health since they adopted The Hallelujah Diet. They almost always include diabetes gone, arthritis gone, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, cancers gone and incredible weight losses, some of over 100 pounds — and Saturday was no exception. It was a great seminar and we are already looking forward to next Saturday’s seminar (Feb. 18) in the ballroom of the Embassy Suites, Jacksonville, Florida; the seminar begins at 10:00 a.m. Come early in order to be sure of a good seat as seating is limited. Rhonda will also be there to greet the folks and we will be assisted by Health Ministers Graeme and Beverley Coad. Graeme was Chaplain for the 700 Club for 12 years before being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer at age 59. Graeme chose The Hallelujah Diet rather than conventional cancer therapies for that cancer and is still alive and well on planet earth 16 years later. His testimony of healing will inspire you as will Rhonda’s healing from debilitating arthritis 20 years ago, and my healing from colon cancer 36 years ago — and we don't get sick anymore! If you live in the Jacksonville area please plan to attend and bring someone with you. Also, if you cannot attend but know someone who lives in the Jacksonville area, let them know of the opportunity.

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