First Weekend A Huge Success

First Weekend A Huge Success

Despite inclement weather, our First Saturday of the Month events nearly filled the Hallelujah Acres auditorium! Read about the wonderful testimonies of healing that were shared!
The First Weekend of each month, we offer folks a tremendous opportunity here at Hallelujah Acres to learn how to improve their health through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Hallelujah Acres has been offering these exciting weekends for many years now, and the number attending keeps increasing as more and more people are realizing that the information is improving the health of multitudes. Two medical doctors were in attendance this past Saturday and voiced support for what Hallelujah Acres teaches. This past weekend, in spite of heavy rains here in Shelby and snow and ice to our north and west, attendance was great. Folks were here from as far away as California and Arizona to the west, Florida and Alabama to the south, Ohio and New York to the north, and numerous states in between. Friday evening, 30 folks drove through heavy rains to attend Rhonda’s culinary class. Then Saturday morning, with the rain tapering off, people started arriving for Rev. Malkmus’ God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar before 9:00 a.m.. By the time the seminar began at 10:00, additional chairs had to be set up to accommodate the crowd which nearly filled our 400 seat auditorium. The testimonies shared before the seminar began were awe-inspiring! Several dozen people shared how after they had adopted The Hallelujah Diet they had seen numerous physical and psychological problems simple go away. From cancers to diabetes to arthritis gone, and a weight loss to over 100 pounds! Following Rev. Malkmus’ seminar there were 60 who stayed to attend Paul and Ann’s Where Do I Go from Here presentation. This was the second largest class ever attending this event. (The previous high was 63). Our next HUGE WEEKEND at Hallelujah Acres is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, March 4th and 5th. The seminar is FREE, and no registration is required. However, there is a fee and registration required for Rhonda’s class on Friday evening and Paul and Ann’s class on Saturday afternoon. By the first weekend in March the weather and roads should be improving, so mark your calendar and start making plans to attend! And do invite a friend or loved one to join you.

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