Fantastic Seminar This Past Saturday!

Fantastic Seminar This Past Saturday!

Guests came from as far away as Africa for this month's God's Way to Ultimate Health Seminar!
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We had guests from as far away as Kenya and several regional churches brought bus loads along with their pastors. But the highlight of this month’s God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar was testimony time. People shared about cancers going into remission, arthritis and diabetes disappearing, and blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides normalizing! Many also reported weight loss of up to 100 pounds. These testimonies were a tremendous encouragement to those not following The Hallelujah Diet, which was about 75% of this month's enthusiastic crowd. Many remained after the seminar for the Where Do We Go From Here class to learn how to implement The Hallelujah Diet at home (and to sample the delicious recipes). Our next Hallelujah Weekend is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, November 5 and 6. If you're coming from a distance, you may want to consider making the most of your stay here over the course of both days. Many people come to Rhonda's class Friday evening, stay overnight in a local hotel (many of which offer discounts for Hallelujah Acres guests) then attend Rev. Malkmus’ Saturday morning seminar and remain for the Where Do We Go From Here class. Women's Retreat Only 2 Weeks Away! Nearly 300 women have already registered for the 10th Anniversary Women’s Retreat coming up October 21-23. This is our highlight event of the year to which women come from across America and even overseas. We have a tremendous array of speakers lined up and all kinds of exciting things planned. Register here!

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