Encouraging Words From Around The World

Encouraging Words From Around The World

Knowing the truth about health is (for lack of a better word) infectious! Read how others are taking what they have learned and are sharing it around the world.
I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate hearing from our subscribers. I personally read every one of your letters. Please keep them coming, especially those letters telling of improvements in your health! They are such a tremendous encouragement in keeping this old (but young in heart and spirit) editor motivated to keep on keeping on.
"Rev. Malkmus, I have read The China Study and found it to be mind opening, as I do the knowledge you share on your website and in your weekly Health Tips. Your 60-Day challenges and your plant-based diet have calmed my arthritis and fibromyalgia. The improvements in my health have been miraculous! I am currently trying to encourage a dear friend to follow The Hallelujah Diet to overcome advanced cancer of the esophagus. A diet so simple and designed by God seems the most difficult for people to understand. We have been fed so much media hype and false information our brains have become almost non-existent. Thank you so much for all that you do to help people with their health." Renee M.
"I am very glad to see your reply to ‘Dr. M.’ I was very disappointed in his article criticizing Dr. Campbell’s research as found in The China Study book. You did a great job in clarifying the issues. Thank you so much for all you do in spreading the truth. One correction for you though – ‘Dr. M.’ is NOT a medical doctor. Rather he is an osteopath. An osteopath is one who manipulates muscles and bones to promote structural integrity." Dr. Rowen P., Tennessee
"Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed the Sept/Oct 2010 Hallelujah Acres Health News magazine. Each issue of your magazine is always full of great information and recipes.I can’t begin to understand how you can make such a high quality magazine, containing so much helpful information, available for FREE. Thank you so much for including in this last issue a 'Product Menu-Market Place.' What a blessing. Now I can go to your website and learn more about any item I am considering buying. Keep up the good work." Shirley M., Jackson, Georgia
“Dr. Malkmus, I have read your book, ordered your products, attended a seminar, and shared the health message with friends here. The next step for me is to become a Health Minister. I am anxious for you to introduce your program to the people here in Jamaica.” Janette C., Jamaica
Rev. Malkmus responds: It's so nice to hear that people want to spread God’s health message in places as far away as Jamaica! This is precisely why we have a Health Minister Training program. Our Health Minister program trains folks from countries around the world (we have thus far trained Health Ministers from 48 different countries). These trained Health Ministers can then go back to their particular country and help the people of that land learn how to eliminate sickness God’s way through a simple diet and lifestyle change. We are looking forward to hosting Health Minister Training here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina November 10-12, 2010. More information here.

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