Easy Collard Wraps

Easy Collard Wraps

Collard greens are one of the most nutritious greens on earth! Just one cup contains over 230% of your daily intake of vitamin K, 48% of vitamin A, 21% of vitamin C, and a long list of micro-nutrients! Collards also contain a significant amount of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber that helps control LDL cholesterol levels, and helps avoid colon discomforts like hemorrhoids, constipation, and diseases of the colon. And id you know that collards are actually a type of kale? They are both wild cabbages that are the predecessors of head cabbage. Collards, however, are milder than kale, which can have a strong and bitter flavor.
Eating raw is easy with recipes like this one! So simple, yet so loaded with diverse flavor, this wrap recipe is perfect as an appetizer to tantalize newcomers to the Hallelujah Diet! Easy Collard Wraps Send Us Your Recipes If you have a favorite recipe send it our way! We will share the best of them in future Health Tips and on our website. They can be raw or cooked, but they must be vegan (no animal products), and contain no refined sugar, refined grains, or table salt.

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