"Doctor said, 'Drugs,' but I said, 'Hallelujah Diet!'"

"Doctor said, 'Drugs,' but I said, 'Hallelujah Diet!'"

In Jesus' time, doctors were recommending treatments that didn't work for the woman with the "issue of blood" (Mark 5:25-27). It's no different today. Instead of masking symptoms with temporary treatments, the key is to get to the cause of the problem and eliminate it — which is exactly what Dayokomod did in Africa!
“In 2011 my blood pressure went up to 180/100. Doctors recommended medication, but after leaving the hospital I went to the Hallelujah Acres Store and bought some BarleyMax and other products. I also adopted the Hallelujah Diet and drank lots of carrot juice, green juice, and ate raw foods. By the end of three weeks, without any orthodox medicine, my blood pressure stabilized in the normal range and all my ailments, including arthritis was gone and my weight was beginning to drop. Thus far I have lost 14 kilograms (30 pounds), and I have regained my health. Thank God I discovered Hallelujah Acres.” ~ Dayokomod K., Nigeria, Africa
“I am so blessed to have had a friend who introduced me and my family to Hallelujah Acres. All of my family enjoys all the fresh vegetable juices which have made my family sickness-free. God has lain on my heart to start a home for the elderly in which I would like to bring health to the elderly people. I therefore would like to have Health Minister Training so that I will be better equipped to help the elderly. How can I get that training? Thank you and may God truly bless you for being a blessing to humanity. ~ Mrs. Mwabaze P., Nigeria, Africa
Rev. Malkmus Responds Instead of having to travel to North Carolina to obtain Health Minister Training, we now have Health Minister Training online. Wherever you are in the world, if you have a computer and an internet connection, you can take our Health Minister course on line in about six weeks. Click here for more information.
“Hello Rev. Malkmus, The Stem Cell article in your Health Tip last week is one of the best articles I have ever read. It allows you to have a clear understanding of the healing power our Heavenly Father created within us. I am interested in the testimonies of those healed of Hepatitis C. Can you make them available to me along with the protocol used? Bless you and thanks for all your great information!” ~ Donna
Rev. Malkmus Responds Hi Donna, You can find testimonies regarding Hepatitis here. The protocol used can be found here. Trust this helps!

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