Do Children Need A B12 Supplement?

Do Children Need A B12 Supplement?

Adults on any diet need B12 supplementation, but what about kids? Here's some helpful advice that may surprise you!
“Hi Rev. Malkmus, My husband Steve and I were at Hallelujah Acres recently for Health Minister Training. You, Paul, Ann, and Rhonda all did a wonderful job! Your whole staff is very impressive and we loved the level of excellence that surrounds your health ministry. Thank you for making yourselves so accessible to the people attending the training. In the health class I taught at our church recently, I had several moms who are making this diet and lifestyle change not only for themselves but also their toddlers and young children. They want to know if they should give these young ones B12 supplementation, and if so, how young should they start and how much should they give them? P.S. We have been in ministry for 35 years, ministering in churches ranging from 2,000 members to over 40,000 members (Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas). I can’t begin to tell you how fired up Steve and I are about reaching the body of Christ with the Hallelujah Acres health message. This health message is also the ‘springboard’ we’ve been praying for to reach the lost for Jesus. Most people are ready to hear anything you have to say when they are sick and want to get well. Like I told you at Health Minister Training, you Rev. Malkmus are one of my ‘heroes of the faith.” Cindy W., Augusta, Georgia
If children are on The Hallelujah Diet they need B12 supplementation (as do children on any other diet, even if they are consuming animal source foods every day). It can be given by taking one Hallelujah Acres sublingual B12-B6-Folic Acid tablet and crushing it. A few of the crushed crumbles can be provided the child about three times per week. One tablet should last two weeks. It can be dissolved in the mouth or added to something they are eating. Children need about 50% of their diet to be raw plant source foods and about 50% cooked plant source foods. It is also good to provide them with more frequent snacks in-between meals along with a good, substantial breakfast. I would also recommend a book written by Olin Idol, ND, CNC, titled “Pregnancy, Children and the Hallelujah Diet” which outlines areas of concern for children.

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