Diet Sodas Increase Heart Disease Risk By 43%

Diet Sodas Increase Heart Disease Risk By 43%

Heart disease is just the beginning. Diet sodas are also causing premature aging, osteoporosis, dental problems, and even fertility problems!
Don't think that diet soda is harming you? Think again! A news story on has revealed that just one can of diet soda per day can increase a person's risk of heart disease by 43% — just one can per day! I can't say that I am surprised, however. Ever since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning more than 20 years ago, we have been warning of the dangers associated with the consumption of both sugar sweetened sodas and artificially sweetened diet sodas. Interestingly, not one food item we have stood against or promoted for the past 20 years has as yet been proven incorrect either experimentally or scientifically and never will be. Why? Because The Hallelujah Diet is based on God’s Genesis 1:29 diet and God’s ways will always prove to be true and man’s ways false.

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