Diabetes and Drugs No More!

Diabetes and Drugs No More!

Feed your body with what it needs to overcome sickness and you could be singing the praises of good health like LaTrice is doing: "I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes approximately 2-years ago ... I got really serious about The Hallelujah Diet and I am able to go off all my medications and my blood sugar readings are now almost normal.”
In the average church today, the primary requests for prayer are for healing from physical problems. Sadly, in spite of the numerous prayers offered for these sick individuals, often their physical health continues to decline. If in addition to prayer, people would change their diets and lifestyles, most would experience exciting results like these:
“I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes approximately 2 years ago. At the time of diagnosis I was prescribed Metformin (1000 mg), Lantus (80 units) and a fast acting insulin of which I took 25 units 3 times per day. I have been on and off The Hallelujah Diet for the past 10-years, however recently I have done extensive research on natural cures for diabetes. Not very long ago, as a result of the new information I had learned, I got really serious about The Hallelujah Diet and getting serious about the diet resulted in my now being able to go off all my medications and my blood sugar readings are now almost normal.” ~ LaTrice R.
“Hi Rev. Malkmus, while in church several years ago, I learned about you and your Hallelujah Diet. After learning more about your diet, I stopped eating meat and began The Hallelujah Diet in earnest, including juicing and BarleyMax. As a result of making the diet change I not only lost weight but also dropped three dress sizes, from a size 12 to a size 8. It was wonderful! I am a former ballet dancer and it felt so good to be back to my normal size and weight again. Then something happened! I began cheating on the diet and before I realized what was happening I had gained 65 pounds and was in bull blown menopause. My life is now a disaster! I have tried to get back to juicing and BarleyMax and eating living foods but nothing is working. My body craves the bad foods. But I am determined to get back to the juicing, BarleyMax, and drinking green smoothies for breakfast. I know all about giving my body living food, because my body is a living organism, which was designed by God to be nourished with living food. I am determined to get my body back in shape, and when I do, I want to become a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister.” ~ Judith C.
“Rev. George, I need prayer to return to Garden of Eden eating as outlined in Genesis 1:29. I used to be on your Hallelujah Diet, but have strayed so far and put on so much weight that other discomforts are encroaching. I want so much to please the Lord and bring his message of both spiritual and physical healing to others. Too many around us are dying because they will not listen to your Health Message and have no desire to change. Too many are spending hours in doctors’ offices and emergency rooms because of their poor food and drink choices. I want so much to help these people but need to be a healthy example myself in order to do so. Thank you so much for your message and for including all those Scriptures that reinforce the Biblical Health Message you proclaim.” ~ Janice L.
“Dear Reverend Malkmus, thank you so very much for putting your Biblical Nutrition 101 course on the web! It is the most accurate, valuable, inspiring information on health and nutrition that I have encountered in my 32-years of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Blessings to you and Mrs. Malkmus.” ~ Thomas S.
EDITOR’S NOTE: The Biblical Nutrition 101 course Thomas is referring to in the above letter is the same course I have been teaching in my home church here in St. Augustine, Florida the past five weeks with over 200 registered for the class. Dozens, after only five weeks on the diet, are already giving testimony of improved health. You can take this same Biblical Nutrition course in your own home, without traveling to St. Augustine, Florida and at no cost. Download it here!

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