Dare To Be A "Daniel"

Dare To Be A "Daniel"

I love hearing from our readers – especially when a reader’s health has been improved through the simple dietary change that we teach. Please keep those testimonies coming as they are not only an encouragement to me, but to those who read them:
“So glad that this article was written and shared in your webpage. Most Christians have been deceived regarding many things and what God said they should eat is one of them. Reason being they do not read the scriptures for themselves, they trust their leader what they say. Keep up the good work!!!” ~ George B.
“I praise God for your ministry. Thank you so much. I have been following your way of eating for just about 13 years now. It is the way to wellness.” ~ Muries F.
In last week’s Health Tip I asked readers if they would take the Daniel challenge to go on a 100% plant-based diet. We had a good number of readers taking the challenge. Below are a few of those responses:
“Hello, I'm going to dare to be a modern day Daniel. I've been trying to stop eating meat for a while and I believe this will give me the jump start I need. Thanks for the encouragement." ~ Shalinda L.
“I have not been able to hear well for over two weeks. Some days are better, some days are worse. I resolve to take the 21-day challenge and see if this will clear up. The health food store owner said it might be candida, which makes sense to me. May God be praised!” ~ Julia H.

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