Dangers Lurking in Hair and Nail Salons

Dangers Lurking in Hair and Nail Salons

“Dear Dr. Malkmus, My husband and I have been on your Hallelujah Diet for over 15 years, and our health has been fabulous ever since we made the diet change in 1998. Thank you so much for your ministry and all that you have done to help people everywhere improve their health. But I have a question: ‘Are gel nails harmful?’ My nails are not terribly strong and I have been getting ‘gel nails’. I am concerned that the chemicals that are being applied on my nails are going into my nails which go into the bloodstream, and that isn’t good. Can you comment on this? Thank you!” ~ Marilyn
Rev. Malkmus Responds Marilyn, many years ago I sold a health insurance policy to small business owners. When I first started working for the NASE (National Association of Self Employed) I could sell to any small business owner and their employees. However, whenever I went into a hair or nail salon to try and sell a policy, I was very concerned about breathing those toxic fumes, and got out of the store just as fast as possible, though I sold a lot of policies in those salons. A year or so after I started selling these policies, a directive came from headquarters that we could no longer sell policies to store owners or anyone else working in a hair or nail salon. Their reason: They were getting too many claims for ill health among that group of people. Testimonies from folks who have gotten well on the Hallelujah Diet have come from people who worked in these salons, they had experienced physical problems as a result, and their problems went away after they got out of the toxic environment and made the diet change. One lady I remember well: She had been having her hair dyed for many years and as a result developed a life threatening bladder problem that she was able to overcome after she stopped dying her hair and adopted the Hallelujah Diet. What a lot of people do not realize, is that any toxic substance that is placed on the skin is absorbed through the skin and goes into the blood system, and this can have serious negative effects upon a person’s health. We should always strive to keep everything that goes into or on the body as pure as possible, and that includes the air we breathe and any beauty products that are applied to the body.

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