Christmas Wishes From George and Rhonda

Christmas Wishes From George and Rhonda

Let's celebrate Jesus this Christmas — and remember that He is the reason for the season!
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It is hard to believe that 2010 will soon come to an end. One of the memories we will have is the wintry weather of December 2010 here in Shelby, North Carolina. We have already had more winter this past month than we often have the entire winter, so it has truly been “feeling a lot like Christmas”. Hallelujah Acres has already had its annual staff Christmas Celebration where we provided our staff with some delicious and healthy food along with gifts for all of our wonderful employees. We sang Christmas carols and had a wonderful time of fellowship and fun and all enjoyed the Celebration. But Christmas should be more than just a time of partying, delicious food and gift giving! Christmas should also be, as it is here at Hallelujah Acres, a time to remember the reason for the season – Jesus Christ. Sadly, a focus on Jesus is not part of many Christmas celebrations! In many homes and businesses across America, too many are celebrating "X"-mas and greeting others with “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry CHRISTmas!” I must say that it has been refreshing to find that many businesses have replaced “Happy Holidays” with "Merry Christmas" this year. I saw a short video the other day about a little boy who saw the line waiting to see Santa Claus and asked, “Where is the line to see Jesus?” I thought that was a good question. I am thankful that we have celebrated the birth of Jesus at every Hallelujah Acres staff Christmas Celebration since 1992. Every year at these gatherings I read the Christmas story of how Christ was born (See Matthew 1:18 – 23) and why He came (See Luke 19:10). As we enter this most joyous time of the year — when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ — Rhonda and I want you to know how grateful we are for your love and prayers and encouragement through the years. May this Christmas and the coming New Year be filled with lots of precious moments to remember. May your faith be renewed and your health maintained or restored as you seek to walk with the Lord on your journey through life. MERRY CHRISTMAS! P. S. Here’s a little Christmas chuckle: “What did the Pilgrims call turkeys that were hard to catch? FAST FOOD!” Of course, we here at Hallelujah Acres would be hard pressed to call the turkey “food”, but trust you enjoyed the laugh.

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