Christians: Have You Truly Given Up Worldly Things?

Christians: Have You Truly Given Up Worldly Things?

A pastor presents a challenge to Christians to think about what it means to give up "the world" — and the consequences of not doing so!
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Ever since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning in 1992, my heaviest burden has been to reach preachers across America and around the world with God’s Health Message. Why? Because the majority of prayer requests in our churches are for sickness, and if a pastor can be reached, they will not only improve their own health, but by sharing that information with their congregations improve the health of the entire church. Hallelujah Acres has had over 800 pastors go through our Health Minister Training thus far. This first testimony is from a pastor:
“I have personally witnessed so many wonderful healings by people who have been willing to change their diet from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to God’s Genesis 1:29 Diet. Church people consume some of the very worst of diets, thinking they can eat anything they want just because they have given up some of the things of the world like alcohol and tobacco. Sadly, they don’t realize that animal fat destroys the liver just like alcohol. There are so many people in the church that are having heart attacks, strokes, and cancer and then depend on drugs and the medical community to correct it. And what is the result? They become addicted to the pharmaceutical drugs that only mask the symptoms instead of dealing with the root cause of the disease – bad diet. God is the healer and He can heal the diseased liver of the alcoholic, but in order to do so, the alcoholic must stop consuming alcoholic beverages. When Christians pray for healing, sometimes God will send the healing through information instead of an instant miraculous healing. If we will do our part, God will do his part. But if we want to attain healing there is a price we must pay and that price is discipline and study in order to find the TRUTH that will set us free of that sickness. My great niece, after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, lost 53 pounds and has turned her life right side up. Once a depressed and unhealthy young lady, she is now vibrant and living a healthy and abundant life.” Rev. David U.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, in the year 2003 I got hold of your book 'Why Christians Get Sick'. I have shared that book with many of my patients and it has touched the lives of many. Thank you so much for your work and dedication! Rev. Malkmus, you are one of my best trophies on health and wellness.” Doctor Jose F.
“I have been suffering with sinus and allergy problems for the past 10 years, taking daily medications, without the problems ever being corrected. In fact, if I stopped the medication the symptoms got much worse. Less than a year ago I changed my diet, adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and for the past seven months I have been completely off all medications and symptom free. Tori R.
“My husband who had been taking Claritin for years for his allergies, made the diet change to The Hallelujah Diet. Within a short time of making the diet change his allergies were completely gone. Now, because of making the diet change, he no longer needs any drugs. ‘Hallelujah’!” Sara G.
This final letter comes from a Health Tip subscriber from Canada, and reports on their personal experience with the Canadian health care system:
“I was born in Canada and lived there for 37 years. The Canadian universal health care system is broken, just as it is broken in the United States. In Canada, every year the government quietly cuts back on the services it previously provided, which requires us to have to take out supplemental insurance to cover what the government no longer pays for. Universal health care is great in an emergency, but the system also creates an apathetic view toward taking personal responsibility for one’s own health because ‘the government will take care of me.’ Because of the failures of government health care, more and more private clinics are popping up because of long wait times and service delays. Canadians are also fleeing to the United States to get timely care. We thought universal health care was a great idea when it was introduced after World War II, but its creators could not foresee the abuse of the system. People are going to the doctor for every little sniffle because the visit is free, resulting in long lines, long waiting times, and unsustainable costs. The Canadian model is broken and the U.S. model will bankrupt your country and your people if it is not overturned by your Supreme Court. There is not a government system that will fix the people. The only thing that will work is for people to fix themselves by being required to be responsible for their own health before any government assistance kicks in.” JL
EDITOR'S NOTE: In the above letter, JL gives us a little glimpse as to what will be the results if the Supreme Court does not find the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) unconstitutional. As more and more Americans begin to understand the limitations and potential dangers of PPACA, more and more people want the Supreme Court to overturn the act. Currently, over 60% percent of the American people want the Supreme Court to overturn it. The Supreme Court’s decision is expected to be handed down before the end of June.

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