Cheesy Flavor Without The Dairy

Cheesy Flavor Without The Dairy

Think you can't have cheesy flavor on The Hallelujah Diet? Rhonda Malkmus chimes in with a simple way to have the flavor you want and feed your body with the nutrients it needs!

Rather than providing a recipe this week, Rhonda and I wanted to share a way to obtain a cheesy flavor in foods without dairy cheese. Impossible, you say? We think you will be amazed and pleasantly surprised!

Here's a copy of Rhonda's notes on being able to achieve a cheesy flavor without dairy:

Hi friend, Rhonda here. Some think that using dairy is the only way to get that cheesy flavor we love. But there is indeed a better way! Here's how... Go to your local health food store and buy a container of "nutritional yeast" (make sure it is "nutritional" yeast; brewer's yeast is not the same thing). In many health food stores you can find nutritional yeast in bulk bins. Now, I realize that these two words “nutritional yeast” do not conjure up the thoughts of a cheesy flavor but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Nutritional yeast is yellow in color and has a nutty, cheesy flavor. It is an inactive form of yeast and thus cannot be used for baking, but it is a favorite among many vegans because of its unique flavor and similarity to cheese when added to foods. Nutritional yeast has the additional benefit of adding a lot of nutrients to your foods also, because it is packed with nutrition, particularly B vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein. It’s low in fat, gluten-free, and contains no sugars or preservatives. In addition, it is a source of vitamin B12. But in addition to its nutritional qualities, it provides a cheesy, nutty, and savory flavor to foods. Just a tablespoon or two can add richness to soups, salads, gravies, and other dishes. It can also be sprinkled on popcorn, garlic bread, or pasta for a cheesy flavor or even added to Hallelujah Herb Butter for a cheesy spread for bread or crackers.

Give it a try! Your taste buds will say “MMMM GOOD”!

Send us your recipes! If you have a favorite recipe send it our way. We will share the best of them in future on our site. They can be raw or cooked, but they must be vegan (no animal products), and contain no refined sugar, refined grains, or table salt.

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