Celebrating A New Life At 90 Years Young

Celebrating A New Life At 90 Years Young

As 90-year-old Tami puts it, she's on several "medications" — none of which are negative for her health! Find out what she's doing...
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I received an email this past week from Tami A., who captioned her letter with the words: “Celebrating a New Life at 90-Years-Young,” and then went on to say:
I think those of us who do not take any medications, when asked on various forms and when asked by doctors to list the medications being taken, should respond or write that they take the following "medications": BarleyMax CarrotJuiceMax BeetMax Apples Dark leafy greens Berries Other fruits and vegetables” “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” (Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C.)
EDITORS NOTE: If more people would allow food to be their medicine, as 90-year old Tami suggested above (and Hippocrates the father of medicine advocated over 2,000 years ago), there would be a lot fewer medications being prescribed by doctors and we would have a lot more 90-year-olds around to tell us that they take no doctor-prescribed medications. AMEN

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