Cancer Recovery, Weight Loss and Medical Backing

Cancer Recovery, Weight Loss and Medical Backing

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In response to recent Health Tip articles regarding the inability of medical modalities to restore health, I have received lots of mail. Here is what a Chiropractor had to say about what I had written:
You are right on with what you are saying with regard to the use of drugs in restoring the body to wellness. A body cannot be poisoned back to health. It must be nourished and supplied with what it needs to heal and repair. We need to provide the body with the resources to produce the energy it needs to get well and stay well. I am constantly amazed at how well the body can heal when given the chance and at the lack of understanding of these basic principles by the medical community. Keep up the good fight to get this health message to the masses. Dr. R.
This next letter comes from a lady who refused chemotherapy and radiation after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002:
After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, I had a lump removed, which proved to be malignant. By God’s grace, after the surgical removal of the lump and before I submitted to chemo and radiation, a friend of mine gave me a tape of yours. After listening to the tape, I refused chemotherapy and radiation and adopted the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. It has now been eight years since the cancer diagnosis and the refusal of further medical treatments, and each year I go to see my oncologist for a checkup, and each year the check up reveals no recurrence of cancer. I praise the Lord for the Hallelujah Diet. Pat W.
This next letter is small in words but big in results:
Do not change a thing about Hallelujah Acres. I have only been on the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle for a month and have already lost 25 pounds, am off all my medications, and feel wonderful. Rachel M., Kings Mountain, NC
Concluding this week’s letters, I share not a praise testimony, but rather a sad letter from a missionary wife in Japan requesting help after her husband is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Please pray for this missionary couple, and also pray that Hallelujah Acres can be successful in reaching multitudes of missionaries and other servants of Jesus Christ before they develop physical breakdown and reach a cancer diagnosis. Cancer is preventable, but only if God’s people become aware that a diet change can prevent cancer and then make the diet changes necessary to avoid it. Hallelujah Acres provides the information necessary to take control of our own health so that cancer and other diseases never occur in the first place.
Dear Rev. Malkmus. I pray that you can help us. My husband, Hiro, age 65, just two days ago was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lungs. Doctors give him a maximum of 6-months to live. He also has diabetes and a heart condition. The doctors suggest radical surgery. We are seeking alternative healing. We are strong faith-believing Christians with a ministry in Japan. My husband has strong faith and is still working every day. His work helps distract his mind from the pain he is experiencing. I need help planning a nutritional diet for him. If God leads you to help us, we would be ever so grateful. Karin T, Kagoshima, Japan

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