Cancer, Prayer, and Disease Insurance

Cancer, Prayer, and Disease Insurance

The truth about "disease" insurance is resonating with Health Tip readers from North Carolina to Uganda. Check out this week's testimonies...
I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your letters — even those that challenge me with questions! But the ones that thrill me the most are those that report improvements in their health after making the diet changes promoted in these Health Tips. Please keep them coming as I have said so many times before they make my day!
“Hello Dr. Malkmus, I am Linda, a registered nurse in Asheville, North Carolina and one of your Health Ministers. I attended your October 1 First Saturday Seminar accompanied by friends we had brought for their first visit to Hallelujah Acres. At the seminar I spoke with you regarding my fantastic past year on The Hallelujah Diet and how I was now cancer free after refusing chemotherapy and other medical modalities. We have just learned that our pastor has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is only in his 40s. Our church is booming in outreach and size and our pastor’s progress through this valley in his life will be watched by many. Please ask your Health Tip followers to pray for him, as he is truly a man of God.” Health Minister Linda S., RN, Asheville, North Carolina
“Dear George, I read your article regarding ‘Is Health Insurance a Good Investment.’ I wish that article could be placed in every newspaper in the land where millions of people could read it. You hit the nail on the head. Why should we pay good money to buy health insurance that pays for doctors to slice us open and poison us more after the very reason we are sick is because we poisoned ourselves with the Standard American Diet? God bless you and your (God’s) ministry.” Strat G.
“Rev. Malkmus, Just wanted to make sure that you are aware that there are Christian alternatives to traditional health insurance. It is the Christian sharing model used by Samaritan Ministries and several other groups which operate similarly to traditional Health Insurance. They are less expensive because they restrict membership to believing Christians who agree not to smoke or indulge in alcohol, or participate in other disease-producing behaviors. These policies still amount to what you rightly call ‘disease’ insurance, but at least are not participating in traditional health insurance which forces believers to subsidize procedures which are against their faith, such as abortion.” Deanna L.
“To our most beloved Brother George. My warmest greetings from Uganda. I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you are doing to educate Christians about how to maintain our God given temples of the Holy Spirit so that they are fit vessels to serve our God. Indeed, staying away from the ‘world’s diet’ which makes us sick, and adopting the Genesis 1:29 diet along with lots of juicing will make us healthy and keep sickness away. It is sad that neither the world nor the medical people teach the truth as you do Dr. Malkmus. I have been so blessed by your teaching. Thank you so much.” Evace K., Health Minister, Uganda, Africa

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