Cancer "Miracle" Survivors: What Do They Have In Common?

Cancer "Miracle" Survivors: What Do They Have In Common?

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A recent Newsmax article, excerpted below, reports on a new book that examines spontaneous remission of cancer for no known medical reason, called “radical remission.”
It befuddles conventional doctors so much that the subject isn’t even studies. Most of the time, doctors don’t even try to explain it. “For every one case that’s published in medical journals, a hundred more go unpublished,” estimates Kelly Turner, who has exhaustively researched the subject for the past decade for her eye-opening new book, “Radical Remission: The Nine Key Factors That Can Make a Real Difference.” She set out to uncover the commonalities among unlikely cancer survivors. What was it about these “miracle” patients that allows them to live when so many others with the same type of cancer perish? Turner identified nine top factors that were common among the beneficiaries of radical remissions. She emphasizes that her findings are not a prescription to beat cancer. “All I can say is this is what these people did.”

No. 1: Radically Changing Diet

Survivors often eliminated chemicals and other toxins found in refined food, and avoided ingredients that may contribute to cancer growth. The diet adjustments fell into four key areas:
  • Reducing or eliminating sugar, meat, dairy, and refined foods.
  • Increasing vegetables and fruits
  • Eating organic foods to help get rid of toxins.
  • Drinking lots of filtered water instead of soda, juice, or milk.
The intake of fruits and vegetables was high, up to 15 or 20 servings daily, including raw, lightly steamed or roasted, and/or juiced versions. A typical plate would be half to three quarters vegetables and fruits, and some also drank juiced green vegetables. The remainder of the plate would contain protein and minimal whole grains, if any. Some people omitted gluten, and some juiced other vegetables, such as cabbage. To eliminate toxins, some people occasionally did fasts lasting three to seven days, typically under the supervision of a holistic health practitioner or nutritionist.

No. 2: Taking Control

“We’re taught to be patients, be there quietly and do what we’re told,” says Turner. But cancer survivors essentially became the CEOs of their own healthcare, educating themselves on the meaning of test results, getting copies of their medical records, and tracking progress. As an example, one man with stage 4 prostate cancer had his prostate removed but continued to have rising PSA tests, indicating unrelenting growth of cancer. Although death seemed imminent, he started experimenting with his diet and tracking his PSA results. Seeing that certain foods lowered his PSA, and adjusting his diet accordingly, helped him survive.
Editor's Comment: The remaining reasons given for these “radical remissions” were:
  • No. 3: Following Intuition
  • No. 4: Using herbs and supplements
  • No. 5: Releasing suppressed emotions
  • No. 6: Increased positive emotions
  • No. 7: Embracing social support
  • No. 8: Deepening spiritual connection
  • No. 9: Having a strong reason for living
Turner hopes that her work prompts more formal study of radical remissions, and that these lead to more effective cancer treatments.
You will notice from the above that the number one reason for these “radical remissions” was a “Radically Changed Diet”, and the number 2 reason was “Taking Control” of their own health. People have often wondered why there have been hundreds of people who beat cancer after adopting the Hallelujah Diet. This new book answers that question! Click here to read some of these “radical remissions” after they adopted the Hallelujah Diet.

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