Cancer-free for 11 Years and Counting!

Cancer-free for 11 Years and Counting!

Gloria brought the Hallelujah message home to Nigeria 11 years ago and since written five books, has opened a wellness center, and more! Read her inspiring story...
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I am so excited! With the tremendous increase in the number of subscribers to this Health Tip in recent weeks, the number of letters we have received has increased substantially. Along with this increase in letters has come a wonderful increase in the number of testimonies.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, remember me, your Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister in Jos, Nigeria who testified 11 years ago at your Health Minister conference how I had been healed of breast cancer following the Hallelujah way? Well, I am still on The Hallelujah Diet and still kicking strong! Several years ago we started the Shekinah Wellness Center here in Nigeria where we teach The Hallelujah Diet. In the center we make fresh salad and vegetables and juices; we have a gym with rebounders and all the necessary exercise equipment; provide massage, sauna and colon irrigation, apartments, and prayer huts, all here on our mountain top. Our center was declared open by the deputy Governor and several dignitaries. We entertain visitors from the senate, government officials, along with people from all walks of life. Many sick folks have come crying but just by sharing my testimony of restored health following making a change in my diet and lifestyle, a glow comes into their eyes and then their lives are changed forever as they commence The Hallelujah Diet. By the grace of God, I have written five books and the two that are making the biggest waves are ‘You Are What You Eat’, and ‘You Can Refuse to Die’. It is wonderful to be a blessing to others as you have been to so many through the years. You have also been such a blessing to me, Rev. Malkmus, and you will never know how many lives you have touched. Hallelujah!” Health Minister Gloria D., Jos, Nigeria
“Thank you Rev. Malkmus from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful health message. I am 73 years young and in excellent health following The Hallelujah Diet which I learned about last year from someone in my Sunday School class. I looked into your information and decided God’s Genesis 1:29 diet was for me and I am SO thankful that I did. I want to be a living example for my Sunday School students who are in their 70s and 80s and who suffer all manner of health issues from Alzheimer’s to cancer. I pray for them and for you as well Rev. Malkmus. Thanks for all that you do.” Arlene H.
“My husband was being tested for prostate and kidney cancer and fortunately all the tests came back negative. This cancer scare motivated us to start doing some research on alternatives to existing cancer protocols and that is when we came across your website. John S., who has been to Hallelujah Acres a number of times, introduced us to The Hallelujah Diet and we began following your regimen. We feel it is vitally important that we tell others what we have learned and wondered if it would be alright for us to share your health message with a group in our church. Do you have teaching videos or other materials we could use, or do we have to be trained as Health Ministers before we could teach such a group? I am currently reading your book God’s Way to Ultimate Health and find it filed with excellent information. Thank you for attending to my questions.” Connie O.
EDITOR RESPONDS: Connie, we strongly encourage anyone, whether a Health Minister or not, to help us share God’s health message with groups, especially groups in their churches. The downloadable Biblical Nutrition 101 course is an excellent 12-week study course.We also have numerous DVDs – including Rev. Malkmus’ complete seminar as delivered here at Hallelujah Acres the first Saturday of each month, as well as Healing Cancer from the Inside Out, The Miraculous Self-Healing Body, and many other DVD titles. For those interested in turning their passion of sharing God’s health message into a ministry, we offer Health Minister Training here at Hallelujah Acres three times a year. Our next Health Minister training is coming up July 4-8.

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