Cancer Disappears In The Philippines

Cancer Disappears In The Philippines

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“Dear Rev. George, I would like to forward to you a testimony of one of my cancer patients who is using the Hallelujah Diet here in the Philippines. Please continue to pray for the multiple patients I am working with here, especially the cancer patients. We are continually praying for your Hallelujah Acres ministry around the world.” ~ Dr. D., (MD) Dr. D. is one of the 65 medical doctors who have been through Health Minister Training here at Hallelujah Acres, and is using the Hallelujah Diet to restore patients to health without the use of drugs and other toxic medical modalities. Following is the letter “Dr. D” forwarded...
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I was diagnosed on July 14 with a primary spleenic lymphoma. The hematologist, who worked my case, after I was diagnosed, recommended a splenectomy (surgical removal of the spleen). I then went to see an oncologist who gave me the option of chemotherapy. I knelt to God in prayer asking Him for mercy. Two weeks before my chemotherapy was to start, a friend told me and my wife about the Hallelujah Diet. We attended a Hallelujah Acres seminar on July 31, and with much prayer immediately began the Hallelujah Diet. I went to see my oncologist just before I was to begin the chemotherapy to inform her of my decision to not do the chemo. She told me to come back after a month on the diet for a blood test and a CT scan of the whole abdomen so it could be compared with my previous ones in order to monitor my progress. On September 1, just one month after beginning the diet I had another blood test and CT scan. When I received the results I cried with joy. My LDH (indicator of damaged tissue), had gone down from 630 to 158 in just one month. (Normal range is 100-190) PRAISE THE LORD! Then when the results of the CT scan arrived, my oncologist read and computed it, and you know what? My enlarged spleen had reduced by 54%. My oncologist was amazed and congratulated me. Isn’t it amazing how God answers prayer? He heals and restores for His glory! God is good! And I want to personally thank you Dr. Malkmus for what you have shared with the many that will listen and are willing to change their lifestyle to bring glory to God! HALLELUJAH!” ~ Vilmer F., (Philippines)

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