Cancer, carrot juice, and living life to the fullest

Cancer, carrot juice, and living life to the fullest

Yolonda is cancer free! Polly's husband has just started drinking carrot juice after a cancer diagnosis! And Faye has just started The Hallelujah Diet at age 81. Read all about it!
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The below letters are representative of the letter I received this past week. Trust you find them both of interest and inspirational. Please keep those letters coming, as they greatly encourage me and keep me keeping on for Jesus.
"I adopted the Genesis 1:29 diet after reading Rev. Malkmus’ book: The Hallelujah Diet. After being diagnosed with cancer, I opted for The Hallelujah Diet in October 2009, rather than conventional therapy, and am now cancer free! To God be the glory!" Yolanda H., California
"I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for writing the article on carrots. When your article arrived, I had just finished trying to talk my husband, who has cancer, into drinking carrot juice. After reading your article he started drinking it every day. I’m so excited! I believe in the Hallelujah Diet. Thanks a million. I’ll let you know how my husband does." Polly B.
"I was diagnosed with a 5-centimeter mass in the left breast last month. I do not plan to have chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. I am 81 years old and do not want to spend my remaining years in a cancer treatment facility trying to survive the treatments. I believe the Lord has a desire to heal me with The Hallelujah Diet. After just four weeks on The Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 10 pounds, feel great, my blood sugar has dropped to normal range, and my high blood pressure has dropped as has my cholesterol. I feel wonderful, and am taking water aerobics three days a week. I am drinking lots of carrot juice and am thriving and loving life. Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season." Faye F., Texas
“I am a graduate of a Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center. Thank you for the Health Tip article on carrots. Thanks to the article I am back juicing carrots again. Thank you for all you do.” Jon, Montana
“Dear Rev. George, I had a great time at your 2-Day Workshop this past week, and want to thank you for your time. I am very inspired by your words, your story, the life that you lead, and the people and lessons that you teach! The world is becoming a grander place to live because of what you do and I am so happy to be a part of it. Thank you so very much and I will see you in March 2011 to finish my Health Minister Training!” Chris H.
“Hello Pastor Malkmus, THANK YOU so much for all you are doing there at Hallelujah Acres. I wish I lived close enough to be able to attend some of your seminars and retreats. I think you are doing a wonderful work for the Lord and may He bless all of you for your tireless efforts to help God’s people. I was introduced to The Hallelujah Diet in 2009 by a church member and been interested in your work ever since. I have just started using a Hurom juicer, and since I raise my own carrots here on the farm, I have a fresh, organic supply.I appreciated your timely article on carrot juice which I received just as I was finishing drinking a fresh glass of carrot juice. Sometimes I feel very far away from resources that would benefit me, but I am truly grateful for the internet access I have. We live in a rural area of North Dakota and am blessed to live where I can grow a lot of my own organic food, but wintertime is a different story. My desire is to be all that God wants me to be – and thus want to experience vibrant health so that I can better serve God. Your magazine and website have been a blessing in my journey. A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to you, Pastor Malkmus!” Linda W., North Dakota
"Dr. George, your teachings have strengthened what I already knew about natural wellness. I am a certified Alternative Natural Wellness Teacher. Now I would like to be trained as a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister as well." Adeola A., Saudi Arabia

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