Cancer - A Natural Approach (Part 3)

Cancer - A Natural Approach (Part 3)

Chemotherapy is commonly prescribed to treat most cancers, but, according to the American Cancer Society, even doctors are careful not to describe this treatment as a cure. Here's why...

In previous Health Tips we have explored what causes cancer, understanding what cancer is and what causes the immune system to weaken. In this Health Tip, we will take a look at how the medical community deals with cancer cells.

How Modern Medicine Deals With Out of Control Cells

Medical terminology has some 110 different names for cancer depending upon its location within the body – it can be called breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer – and the list goes on.

But all cancers, no matter location, are merely undetected maverick cells that have developed into cancer cells. This is caused because a weakened immune system failed to recognize and destroy them before they began growing and splitting out of control. In medical school, doctors are taught that the way to deal with these cancer cells is to use chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

All of these medical modalities further weaken an already weakened immune system, making it ever more difficult for the body to overcome the cancer. Most people do not realize that none of these modalities is capable of healing cancer, because all healing is self-healing and can occur only when conditions favorable to healing are brought about within the body. Chemotherapy involves the use of an extremely toxic and poisonous chemical drug. Its use is an attempt to kill the cancer cells before the chemotherapy kills the patient. But it doesn't stop there. Chemotherapy is capable of creating cancer in a non-cancerous body.

“In addition to helping treat some forms of cancer, chemotherapy is also carcinogenic, meaning it has the ability to cause cancer itself. As chemotherapy destroys cells, including healthy cells, it disrupts their ability to divide. Cancer cells are cells that have lost their ability to regulate their growth. Secondary cancer may surface months—or even years—after treatment, according to Caring4Cancer. The most common types of cancers to result from chemotherapy treatments are lymphomas and leukemias, according to the American Cancer Society.” from
Radiation is an attempt to destroy the cancer cells by burning them. Unfortunately, radiation not only destroys cancer cells, but also nearby, non-cancerous cells. This further weakens an already weakened immune system, making it increasingly difficult for the body to bring about healing.
“Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery all may cause problems that don't show up until months or years after treatment ends. These are called late side effects. For example, when the neck is part of the radiation field, very low levels of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) may develop later on. Other late side effects from radiation include heart or lung disease, infertility, and intestinal problems. Some cancer patients experience one or more late side effects; others have none. Sometimes, the side effects you had during therapy, such as skin irritation or fatigue, may continue well beyond treatment's end.” Kathy Newman, RN, BSN
Surgery to remove cancer requires administering anesthesia. Anesthesia offers its own risk of complications. In addition, lymph nodes are often removed during the surgery, further weakening an already weakened immune system — ironically, lymph nodes are a vital part of the immune system. Are biopsies safe?
“I was contacted by a lady who successfully dealt with her breast cancer from 1994 to present. She refused all conventional medical procedures. Last year her conventional oncologist convinced her that she was a fool not to get a needle biopsy. This lady now has new tumors growing at each puncture site. Of course her oncologist now has detailed information to help decide which chemos to use for this now rapidly metastasizing cancer. I repeatedly make this same observation with prostate cancer. I rarely see distant metastasis until after a biopsy — and then it rapidly goes everywhere including the bones.” Dr. Vincent Gammill, Center for the Study of Natural Oncology (CSNO) Solana Beach, California

Sadly, the only modalities a medical doctor has been taught to use in medical school (and in most states the only modalities a medical doctor can legally use) are those that poison the cancer cells, burn the cancer cells, or remove them by surgery. If these modalities, which are aggressive and destructive to the immune system, are not successful, the patient is usually pronounced terminal. This often leads the patient to accept some extremely expensive experimental chemotherapy as a last ditch effort to arrest the cancer before being sent home to die (or dying in the hospital). In some states here in these United States, if a doctor uses any other modality (including nutrition) other than the poisoning, burning, or cutting to subdue a cancer, that doctor can lose his or her license, be fined, and possibly go to jail.

Occasionally, we read in the news of a parent who refuses to allow their child to receive these barbaric medical treatments. The parent usually finds the state coming into their home, physically removing the child, and forcing these immune destroying treatments upon the child. The parent can even wind up in jail. If there was a way to determine it, we would no doubt find that most cancer deaths are caused not by the cancer itself, but as a result of the chemotherapy that had been administered.

Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.” Allen Levin, MD UCSF The Healing of Cancer, Marcus Books, 1990
“Chemotherapy is commonly prescribed to treat most cancers, but, according to the American Cancer Society, even doctors are careful not to describe this treatment as a cure. Because chemotherapy cannot target only cancer cells, its toxic chemicals also destroy healthy cells. Although chemotherapy can provide some relief for some types of cancers, the decision to partake in this treatment should not be taken lightly because it also presents dangers.” from

Is it any wonder that a survey of oncologists reveals that most oncologists would not allow chemotherapy to be used on themselves or a loved one in the treatment of cancer. Oncologists have seen firsthand the devastation of the immune system caused by chemotherapy and sadly, though refusing it for themselves or a loved one, will administer it to a patient.

Recently, after one of my seminars, an oncology nurse came up to me to tell me that she remains an oncology nurse solely for the purpose of pointing cancer patients to the benefits of a plant-based diet after they have received destructive chemotherapy. In that same seminar there was a lady who had been a cancer patient who had received massive doses of chemotherapy. At the point of death (and after the doctors had ordered more chemotherapy), this woman’s husband had asked the above oncology nurse if there was something else he could do to help save his wife’s life because the chemotherapy was killing her. The nurse said she discretely encouraged the husband to visit the Hallelujah Acres website. That was the last time this oncology nurse had any contact with the couple — until they met again at the seminar! When the nurse asked the woman how she became so radiantly healthy, she said, "The Hallelujah Diet."

What Happens After You Have Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Let’s take a look at the scenario that often occurs following a cancer diagnosis... Your doctor calls you into his office and confirms your worst fears: you have cancer! No doubt these are the three scariest words you have ever heard during your entire life. You are reeling from the shock. Through your traumatized brain you hear the doctor say you need chemotherapy – and possibly radiation and surgery. You are so upset you may fail to hear the doctor’s words as he attempts to tell you the potentially horrible side-effects these modalities can have upon the body. Sadly, few doctors will tell you that 98% of conventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) can make you sicker to the point that your immune system is severely compromised, making healing increasingly difficult or impossible.

Have you ever sat at the bedside of a loved one who has been administered chemotherapy and watched the convulsive vomiting that occurs, observed the violent shaking, and then witnessed the hair falling out? How can administering something that causes the body to react so violently help anyone recover from cancer? If you or a loved one has not experienced this nightmarish ordeal, you are most fortunate. Sadly, cancer will soon become the number one cause of death as well as the most costly way to die. Currently, cancer is the second-most-common cause of death in the U.S., responsible for one out of every three deaths. No matter what modern medicine tells us, we are not winning the war on cancer! Ever since then-President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer over 40 years ago, and though we have spent over $200 billion on cancer research during this time, more people are today dying of cancer than before the war on cancer began.

Every day, more than 1,500 Americans die of cancer after enduring years of hell due to chemotherapy, radiation treatments, surgeries, and complications that ruin their lives and quality of life. This experience often wipes out the life savings of those who had not adequate insurance coverage. Is There A Better Way of Dealing With Cancer? While there are no guarantees, there is an alternative way that is much less toxic, less expensive, and offers greater hope for recovery than conventional cancer treatments and that way is God’s Way. God’s Way is not toxic, does not compromise the immune system (rather it builds it), is not expensive, and is totally contrary to the toxic, immune system destroying, invasive and pocketbook busting world’s way. God's Way of Dealing With Cancer All healing is self-healing. In other words, God placed within each of our bodies the ability to heal itself if conditions favorable to healing are brought about within the body. Sadly, doctors have not been taught this in medical school.

Next week, the good Lord willing, we will explore God's Way of Dealing With Cancer. FOR THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION concerning how chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery became the medical systems approach to cancer and how God’s Way of Dealing with cancer has been suppressed and kept from the public, you will no doubt want to order the outstanding DVD, Healing Cancer from the Inside Out.

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