Cancer - A Natural Approach (Part 2)

Cancer - A Natural Approach (Part 2)

Cancer doesn't appear in a day. It builds over time, cell by cell. But is there a way to stop it before it starts? Rev. Malkmus shares a simple, yet profound answer!

In last week’s Health Tip we discussed Cancer - A Natural Approach. In case you missed it, go back and read now to discover answers to the questions What is Cancer; What Causes Cancer; and gain a better understanding of cancer before we dive deeper. 

Understanding Cancer

Our physical bodies are comprised of approximately 100 trillion living cells. God, in His infinite knowledge and wisdom, made these living cells to be constantly in the process of renewal and regeneration – replacing old cells with new cells at the rate of approximately 300 million per minute, every minute of every day.

However, there is something of vital importance here in understanding this process of cell replacement. As these old cells die and are being replaced with new cells, the quality of the new cell replacing the old cell is totally dependent on the building materials available to it as it dies and replaces. Providing quality building materials for these living cells as they die and replace should be of highest priority for each of us, because this is something God has given us total control over.

What We Eat and Drink Determines Cell Quality

That’s right; the quality of the new cell replacing the old cell is determined by each of us, not by God, not by our doctor, nor by anyone else! And cancer in most instances is simply the end result of reaping what we have been sowing, something most people have total control over, whether they want to acknowledge it or not.

Here is how this works: What you eat and drink today will become the building materials for what your body will consist of tomorrow. The major key to quality of life and length of life is what we place into our bodies for nourishment each and every day of our life, along with the exercise our body receives on a daily basis.

This is something most of us have total control over!

The qualities of the new cells that are replacing the old cells are totally dependent upon the building materials we provide them. Poor quality building materials produce weaker cells than the one’s they are replacing, while superior quality building materials produce superior cells. God, in His infinite wisdom, placed Adam in a garden designed to nourish his living cells with quality building materials as they died and replaced. God clearly articulated in Genesis 1:29 what these quality building materials should consist of – a diet comprised of RAW plant sourced foods, available exclusively from a garden.

Notice that I said these garden foods were all RAW – that means they were in their LIVING form, and contained their full complement of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and so much more. Obviously, these Genesis 1:29 foods were not in a cooked form! It is also worth noting that all the animal creations of God in the wild, since creation to this present day, whether they be vegetarian or carnivorous, instinctively consume their food in its natural, RAW, LIVING form, as served up by nature, a nature created by God.

Sadly, mankind has lost the natural instinct to consume food in its natural, RAW form as God intended. Today we cook most of our food before consuming it. In addition, man has added numerous non-garden foods to his diet along with numerous toxic chemicals. All Cooked Food Is Dead Food It is important to realize that all cooked food is totally devoid of enzymes (its life force), most of the antioxidants, and has lost a high percentage of its vitamins.

So why does The Hallelujah Diet include 15 percent cooked vegetables? We have learned that some nutrients are not heat sensitive and thus still available after cooking. Also, not all antioxidants are destroyed by the heat. In fact, beta carotene is more bio-available in cooked foods than in raw. However, raw foods should still make up 85 percent of one's menu on The Hallelujah Diet.

Continuing to consume a diet comprised of predominantly dead food, along with non-garden and toxic foods, results in a slow degeneration and deterioration of the entire cellular structure of the body. Because cooked food is DEAD food, it is incapable of providing all the quality building materials necessary to build a healthy, living, vibrantly alive, new cell. As a result, new cells that are replacing old cells, because of a lack of quality building materials, are weaker than the ones they are replacing.

The longer a person remains on a cooked and toxic food diet, the greater the breakdown of the entire cellular structure of the body. With that as a little bit of background, let’s see if we can determine what cancer is and where it originates.

Cancer Is Simply Cells Multiplying Out Of Control

Since I was first told I had colon cancer back in 1976, I have been researching the subject of cancer. After more than 35 years of research, I have boiled it down to this: cancer is nothing more nor less than cells multiplying out of control! No matter what name the medical community gives it (and they have over 110 different names for cancer depending on its location within the body), all cancer cells are merely maverick cells multiplying out of control.

Science tells us that within one to two years, some 98% of our 100 trillion living cells that comprise our physical body today will have been replaced with new cells. In this replacement process, every once in a while a new cell breaks its orderly replacement process of simply dying and replacing, loses control, and becomes what we call a maverick cell. This is a normal and natural occurrence in each of us. We all, from time to time, produce maverick cells. Fortunately, God made provision for the destruction of these maverick cells. God, in His infinite foreknowledge, placed what are called “T” cells within our blood to search out and destroy these maverick cells before they develop into cancer cells.

Changing Your Diet Lowers Your Risk

The diet most people consume today is comprised of cooked and deep fried vegetables (French fries), cooked and deep fried meats, cooked dairy (pasteurized), cooked refined flour and sugar products, a diet loaded with toxic table salt, and caffeine. This diet is often referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD). Rhonda calls it “Satan’s Alternative Diet.” When a person consumes this SAD diet, that person is failing to provide their living cells with the quality building materials necessary to keep their physical body strong and resistant to cancer. This junk building material, devoid of its life force and full of toxins, is incapable of providing living cells with quality building materials.

A lack of quality building materials causes serious cellular breakdown and deterioration, results in a slow but steady decline at the cellular level of our body.

This decline continues as long as we fail to provide our living cells with quality building materials. Our immune system, given us by God to protect us from germs, viruses and bacteria (and cancer), is compromised when we consume the SAD. As a result, our immune system becomes weaker, less efficient, and less protective the longer we remain on this SAD diet. When we fail to provide our living cells with quality building materials, we are also consuming huge quantities of garbage. Our bodies become littered junkyards of accumulated dead debris and toxic material. Our bodies then have the monumental task of not only trying to clean up the debris and overcoming all these toxins we have placed within our body, but also trying to do it with a weakened, inefficient, and compromised immune system.

Where Nutrition Ends, Cancer Has Its Beginning

When our body becomes overwhelmed with toxins and our weakened immune system can no longer cope, a maverick cell that should have been detected and destroyed by a “T” cell may not be detected and destroyed as God designed. Instead, it starts to grow and split out of control because it has escaped detection. This is where cancer has its beginning, and receives a name depending on its location within the body. We all produce maverick cells with the potential of becoming cancer cells. However, if our immune system is kept strong and functioning properly with a predominantly raw, plant-based diet, including lots of freshly extracted raw vegetable juices, the immune system will be strong enough to naturally seek and dispose of these maverick cells before they become cancer cells.

Next week, the good Lord willing, we will take a look at how the medical community deals with these cancer cells today, and then see if we can’t find a better way of dealing with them. I trust you will join us next week as we approach the conclusion of this series on a natural approach to fighting cancer.

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