Can The Hallelujah Diet Help With Autism?

Can The Hallelujah Diet Help With Autism?

Debate is hot as to whether vaccines cause autism. However, vaccines are known to cause digestive issues, and digestive issues have a lot to do with autism. Rev. Malkmus suggests some dietary tips.
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“Dear Rev. Malkmus, My grandson has been diagnosed with autism. Have you heard of anyone using the Hallelujah Acres Diet to help an autistic child? Any help will be greatly appreciated.” Sid

Editor Responds: Tragically, autism has become an epidemic with current statistics revealing one in 88 children in general, and one in 52 boys in particular, are now being affected. There is considerable evidence that much of this may be related to the mercury found in childhood vaccines. I personally believe that all vaccines should be avoided as the risk of allowing them is far greater than any benefits that may be derived. For more information on the potential harm of vaccines visit It is important for autistic children to eat a diet that is 100% plant-based, consisting of 50% raw and 50% cooked. It is also important to make sure that all gluten is eliminated from their diet as well as all artificial coloring and flavoring, and all refined sugar and refined grains. Testing the child for mercury toxicity might be helpful. If an overload is found, dealing with that toxicity appropriately can be a big help. Related Resources:

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