Can The Hallelujah Diet Help Parkinson’s?

Can The Hallelujah Diet Help Parkinson’s?

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“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Have you treated anyone with Parkinson’s disease with the Hallelujah Acres Diet, and if so have you had any success?"
Randall B. EDITOR RESPONDS: First let me say that we here at Hallelujah Acres do not treat people for a medical condition, nor have we ever done so. We are simply a Christian ministry that teaches health from a biblical perspective. The diet that we teach is the very diet God told the first humans to eat in Genesis 1:29. It is this same diet that in most instances provides the body with the nutrients needed for the body to literally heal itself. With regard to Parkinson’s we have not had a lot of positive testimonies, though we have had a few reporting a slowing of the progression of the disease and found that they no longer experienced tremors. All sources of artificial sugars such as aspartame must be eliminated. They lead to destruction of brain cells. It is also extremely important for an individual with Parkinson’s to look for any metals in their mouth and other areas of oral pathology such as root canals or tooth extraction sites that may have cavitations. Oral pathology can impair the healing process and lead to neurological symptoms. One should be evaluated for heavy metal toxicity as well.

Recently we received a second letter from Randall.

Above you read Randall’s first letter to Hallelujah Acres. Below is his second letter telling the results he experienced after making a simple diet change:
“Not long ago I contacted Hallelujah Acres after being diagnoses with Parkinson’s. What I received back was not encouraging except that it encouraged me to explore the potential side effects of the medications the doctor wanted me to take. The potential side-effects of those medications I learned included the destruction of part of my brain. “Not wanting to accept the potential of suffering those medication side-effects, I refused the medications and did a 10-day juice fast followed by the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. I am happy to report that already almost all my Parkinson’s symptoms are gone, I am able to walk normally again, my voice is returning, and the tremors are almost gone. “I thank God I contacted Hallelujah Acres before taking those doctor prescribed medications. Thank you Hallelujah Acres.” Randall B.
EDITOR NOTES: Ever since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning in 1992, we have been receiving testimonies from folks who have recovered from both physical and psychological problems after simply changing their diet and lifestyle from what I call the “world’s way” to “God’s way”.

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