Bye-bye Fatigue, Hello Energy!

Bye-bye Fatigue, Hello Energy!

Daily lives are being changed for the better! No more naps, energy all day, disappearance of allergies and more — and that's just one of this week's testimonies!
For almost 20 years I have dedicated my life to trying to improve the health of God’s people around the world – that God’s people might have physical bodies fit for the Master’s use! My reward for these efforts? The testimonies I receive each day and share in these weekly Health Tips.
“Just wanted to share with you what happened after my husband and I began taking BarleyMax three weeks ago. We have been taking a teaspoon faithfully every morning about twenty minutes before breakfast. After that our diet is kind of hit or miss the rest of the day. As I previously said, we have been taking the BarleyMax for the past three weeks now and this is what we have noticed: I used to have allergies every morning so bad I would go through a half a box of Kleenex but not anymore. My husband, who is 78 years young, is now able to go all day long with energy, cutting grass, helping me in our raised beds and cutting and stacking wood in our wood shed for this coming winter, without any need for a nap. I’m sure you hear these good reports all the time, but this BarleyMax is fabulous, we LOVE it!” Kathy F., Wisconsin
“Rev. Malkmus, First of all I want to say thanks so much for the inspiration you and your whole team there at Hallelujah Acres are to so many of us to live a healthier lifestyle. I had been ‘sampling’ the Hallelujah Diet for a few years but never did it for real until I was brought to the hospital with acute pancreatitis three months ago. I was in the hospital for 34 days, and while in the hospital was served terrible food, but just as soon as I was released from the hospital I began The Hallelujah Diet in earnest and have been feeling better every day. As a result of making the diet change I have lost over 40 pounds and my last CT scan shows that the inflammation has gone down dramatically. Thanks so much for your faithfulness in sharing this healthy diet.” Lorna K., Alberta, Canada
“Dear Hallelujah Acres, I had been diagnosed with ADHD and learned in the additions program how to manage my behavior problems by making lists and setting certain times that certain things were to be done. That was before adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Since making the diet change I can now sit relatively still in a church pew and pay attention from the beginning of Sunday School at 10:00 until the Morning Service concludes at 12:30. I thank God for leading me to the Hallelujah Diet and I thank you for your support in helping me make the diet change. As a result of the diet change I have been able to go off all of my medications, have lost 17 pounds, and my arm which I was unable to use, I am now able to be use and is hurting less with each passing day." Ariana S.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Thank you so much for your ministry and what it means to so many of us. I find it terribly disheartening to hear Christians praying for healing with a hot dog in their hand. I have often watched friends die or become severely disabled because they refused to change their diet. I am an ND and also a TBM (Total Body Modification) practitioner. Be blessed.” Paula L., ND

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