Broken Bones Do Not Have To Be a Part of the Aging Process

Broken Bones Do Not Have To Be a Part of the Aging Process

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Dr. Russell Blaylock (who has spoken at Hallelujah Acres several times) writes a monthly publication titled The Blaylock Wellness Report. In the April 2010 issue of his publication, on page 5, Dr. Blaylock had the following to say about broken bones:
“Many people feel that broken bones and aging go hand in hand. This could not be further from the truth in many cases. Rather, broken bones are a sign of a sedentary lifestyle. Get moving! The more you move (walk, bike, hike, garden) the more your leg muscles will strengthen and the more you can rely on them to support you as you age. If retirement to you means a permanent seat in front of the TV, your chances of breaking your hip or even worse are greatly increased.”
EDITORS NOTE: In Health Tip #650, dated May 4, 2010, this editor talked about this issue of broken bones. In this article I had the following to say about exercise:
“Include in each day’s activities a time for stretching, resistance, load bearing and aerobic exercising. (I personally try to include all of these exercises into my busy schedule each and every day of my life.)”
However, in this article I talked about more than just exercise as a means of obtaining or maintaining strong bones by stating, “osteoporosis is the cruel result of an acid diet”
“The removal of calcium from the bones is a slow process, but over time, if the person continues consuming a highly acidifying diet, the bones thin, often resulting in a person falling and breaking a bone, or possibly for no apparent reason a bone will just break. “Probably the most feared of this bone thinning process called osteoporosis are hip fractures. Fractures of the wrists and even vertebrae are also related to osteoporosis. In America, over 70% of all the fractures occurring in people over the age of 45 are caused by osteoporosis (low bone density). "In fact, some 1.3 million osteoporosis related fractures occur in the United States each and every year. In 1995, the annual medical cost for osteoporotic fractures among those over the age of 65 was 13.8 billion dollars. However, in addition to cost, these fractures, especially hip fractures, can significantly decrease quality of life and often set into motion a rapid deterioration of health leading to death. “And to think that if only that person had not consumed all those acid foods and drugs, and rather consumed a plant based (Genesis 1:29) diet, along with some resistant and weight bearing exercises, this type of problem would never have occurred.”
So in Health Tip #650, not only did I recommend that a person get their body moving through daily exercise, but also made the following suggestions: “Following are things a person must do if they desire a strong, high density bone structure.
  1. Change diet from a high animal based, sugar laden diet, to a 100% plant based diet. All high protein, acid forming foods should be totally eliminated and replaced with a highly alkalizing diet such as The Hallelujah Diet. The most alkalizing foods are your green leafy vegetables and cereal grasses. For instance, a cup of kale contains 179 mg of calcium; turnip greens 249 mg; collard greens 357 mg. (I have been on this alkalizing diet for the past 34 years.)
  2. Include in each day’s activities a time for stretching, resistance, load bearing and aerobic exercising. . . . (See above)
  3. Make sure to get abundant sunshine or else take a vitamin D3 supplement, because the body cannot utilize calcium, no matter how much is in the body if it does not have adequate vitamin D required to absorb the calcium. (I personally take 5,000mg of vitamin D daily, plus try to get as much sunshine on my body each day as practical.)”
Maintaining high bone density is the responsibility of each one of us. No one else can do it for us – not even our doctor. I will leave you with this verse found in Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

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