Boldly Change - Or Politely Suffer

Boldly Change - Or Politely Suffer

Lesley tries to tell her friends about her bold change to The Hallelujah Diet — but they just listen politely and continue to suffer. It's a choice! Read the testimonies of those who are bold!
Is There A Cure For Arthritis? Reading Boldly Change - Or Politely Suffer 5 minutes Next First Day of Summer Picnic
Last week’s Health Tip titled “Arthritis – A Natural Approach” generated an exceptionally large amount of mail! As we see the number of subscribers approaching that 100,000 mark, the mail has increased significantly and is greatly appreciated. I read every one!
Dear Rev. Malkmus, The Genesis 1:29 diet (Hallelujah Diet) has helped me get rid of arthritis in my hands and hips, fibromyalgia in my legs, and hypoglycemia. Now if I eat anything from the old SAD diet, the symptoms and pain will let me know I had better get back to God’s garden diet and lifestyle. I have told many suffering with the same symptoms I used to suffer with how a simple diet change has helped me, but sadly they just listen politely and continue to suffer because eating ‘God’s Way’ sounds too radical to them. I want to thank you so much for your teachings and encouragement through the Health Tips, videos, and your ‘Hallelujah Acres Health News’ magazine! Lesley K.
Hello Dr. Malkmus, My husband and I came to see your beautiful Hallelujah Acres and hear you and others speak one month ago. We came by invitation with a group of friends from our church (Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley, South Carolina). We enjoyed our Hallelujah experience and were convinced our health could be improved by adopting The Hallelujah Diet. We started the diet the very same day we attended your seminar, not having a clue what the results would be. Well, since the diet and lifestyle change we have both lost weight and have energy we thought we would never experience ever again because of our increasing age. Also, my arthritis is GONE and we feel so GOOD. But that’s not the biggest miracle. I used to regularly give blood, and about three years ago they stopped allowing me to, because my hemoglobin was too low. Because of my low hemoglobin readings, doctors took me through a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and tests for internal bleeding, but found nothing. I took iron pills, and Prilosec daily for my stomach and still needed Tums. Then I was told I had IBS and that I was lactose intolerant and was given more pills. Well, lo and behold after being on The Hallelujah Diet for just one month I went to the blood mobile yesterday and they took my blood because my hemoglobin readings were normal! Also, I have not had any need for a Prilosec or Tums since I began my Hallelujah Diet journey. I thank you Dr. Malkmus and our friends who invited us – but most of all I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, because after all, He is the one who provides all those wonderful LIVE garden foods we are enjoying. My husband said the other day that ‘we have been on this diet for only a month now and if we have already seen all of these wonderful changes; imagine what our health will be like in a year.’ That’s right, we have been on The Hallelujah Diet one month today and we’re not tired of eating the foods originating in God’s Garden yet! And by the way, we’re taking BarleyMax, Pharmax Fish Oil, B12-B6-Folic Acid, Probiotics, Fiber Cleanse, and we juice and have our smoothies every day. We love it! Karen and Mike B., Easley, South Carolina
Dear Brother George, Every day when I thank God for my excellent health and wellness, I also thank Him for you and Rhonda and your commitment to getting out God’s Health Message that ‘We Don’t Have to be Sick!’ I sincerely mean this! Where else but at Hallelujah Acres can you find this health message and ministry? It is now going on 14 years since I attended your seminar and adopted The Hallelujah Diet. The depth of your knowledge, the simplicity of your message, and your intensive research which has allowed you to help others by the grace of our God is phenomenal. Some people would and some do pay over a million dollars trying to get well, but discount the power of your ‘Change Your Diet’ message. The world’s way will never work and yet God’s Way will always work. I thank God that I was led to Hallelujah Acres BEFORE I became sick so that I could have the energy and still be experiencing great health at the age of 72. I will never go back to the world’s way of eating. Praise the Lord for you and Rhonda and for Paul and Ann. I look forward to many more years of experiencing great health while enjoying this Lifestyle. Keep up the good work! Elizabeth F., North Carolina.

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