Blueberry Banana Granola

Blueberry Banana Granola

It's that time of year again! Blueberries are starting to appear in those little plastic clamshells in the produce section, and disappearing fast. But why do we love blueberries so much? Do our bodies know something that our brains aren't telling us? Indeed, our brains may be craving blueberries — for memory! A study involving senior citizens has shown that blueberries can improve cognitive performance, including memory. And memory is just the beginning! The researchers also said that blueberries may help to postpone the onset of other age-related cognitive issues. Of course, fresh blueberries are best, but what if you can't eat them all at once? There's good news on that front, too. New research suggests that freezing blueberries will not damage their valuable anthocyanin antioxidants. So get them while you can — and freeze the rest for later!
Sweet, crunchy, and oh, so delicious! Store-bought granola has nothing on this recipe. Try it once and watch your family become enthralled with granola again! Blueberry Banana Granola Send Us Your Recipes If you have a favorite recipe, send it our way! We will share the best of them in future Health Tips and on our website. They can be raw or cooked, but they must be vegan (no animal products), and contain no refined sugar, refined grains, or table salt.

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