Birthday Wishes and a Timely Response

Birthday Wishes and a Timely Response

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On Friday, July 30th, the staff at Hallelujah Acres had a Staff Birthday party celebrating Rhonda Malkmus' 65th birthday. Pictures from the party were posted on the Hallelujah Acres Facebook and the following are a few of the comments to the photos:
"You look fantastic , as well you should. My body healed itself of Glaucoma, all allergies and joint pain with the Hallelujah Acres Diet. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! The diet saved me TONS of money, not to mention my precious eyesight. LOVE you guys!" Sharon D.
"Happy Birthday, Ms. Rhonda! So appreciate all you and your family do for the health benefit of others." Ar. C.
"Happy Birthday Rhonda! Thank you for all that you do." Angela C.
"Happy Birthday Rhonda. Trust you will have a blessed year. Was nice to meet you last fall at the seminar in Albany, New York." Teri S.
"Happy Birthday Mrs. Rhonda! Praise God for your service to Him, your husband, and the Hallelujah Acres ministry." Tet C.
"Happy Birthday Rhonda! Glad you had a great celebration! You deserve it for all your work. Thanks for all the great recipes." Jackie G.
And in response to Rev. Malkmus' article titled "What Caused George Steinbrenner's Death" which appeared in Health Tip #662, Evelyn wrote:
"Rev. Malkmus, This was a very timely post. Why? – Because a relative past away last night from a massive heart attack. He was only 39 years old. When I opened my reader your post was there. I will make sure to share this information."

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