Big Crowd for Jacksonville Seminar

Big Crowd for Jacksonville Seminar

No matter where we go, Hallelujah recoveries abound! Discover some of the amazing stories in Jacksonville, and find out where we're headed next!
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This past Saturday, Hallelujah Acres rented out the ballroom of the Embassy Suites in Jacksonville, Florida for a “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar and boy was it an exciting seminar. Rhonda and I arrived about 9:00 a.m. and found Beverley and Graeme Coad already there preparing for the seminar and people had already begun to arrive. Not long after Rhonda and I arrived a young lady arrived, and she shared how she had attended my Altamonte Springs/Orlando seminar in a wheelchair and here she was walking! She shared that when she attended the Altamonte Springs seminar she was unable to walk because of fibromyalgia. Following the seminar, she had adopted The Hallelujah Diet and was able to walk just one month later. She brought many family members and friends with her to the seminar who had seen her miraculous turnaround. Then there was a grandmother who as she arrived shared with me that she had a five-year-old grandson who had been diagnosed with autism and who had not spoken a single word in those five years... until they began feeding him foods on The Hallelujah Diet. He has now spoken his first words! At 10:00, Graeme opened the seminar by sharing that 17 years ago he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. But he adopted The Hallelujah Diet at that time and today is alive, well, and cancer-free! Well all of these wonderful testimonies sure had me excited as we began the seminar! As always, we began the seminar by asking those in attendance and that are on The Hallelujah Diet to share any improvements in health they have experienced. There were more than a dozen more testimonies shared during this time. One lady shared how she had debilitating rheumatoid arthritis with deformity in her hands. Not only had her arthritis disappeared as a result of making the diet change, but even the nodules on her hands had disappeared! Then there were testimonies of cancers gone, diabetes gone, normalized blood and cholesterol levels, wonderful weight losses, and so much more. To me, these testimonies are the most exciting part of the seminar and provide curious inspiration to those who are not on The Hallelujah Diet. The 200 chairs set up in the ballroom were full and after the seminar ended at about 12:15, almost every person in the room remained for the question and answer session that followed. This seminar was the third seminar conducted in Florida this year, and we may be coming to St. Augustine soon! If you live in the St Augustine area and know of a venue where we could host a seminar, please call our customer care center at 800.915.9355. My next “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” will be back at Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters in Shelby, North Carolina on March 3rd. We consistently have well over 250 folks come to these first-Saturday-of-the-month seminars in Shelby from well over a dozen different states and often a foreign country. If you haven’t already attended one of these seminars, why don’t you mark your calendar and make plans to attend and bring someone with you. And if you have already attended a seminar, you might like to encourage someone to attend with you who needs to hear how they can restore their health through a simple diet and lifestyle change.

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