Back on the Wagon

Back on the Wagon

“I met Rev. Malkmus in a church in a little town in Tennessee several years ago. He probably doesn’t remember me, but I sure do remember him. He was in his 70’s and bounded down the aisle of that little church with such energy that I determined right then and there to adopt the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. “Within just three weeks of adopting the diet my joints had stopped aching and I had lost 17 pounds. Unfortunately, I did not stick with the diet and have fallen off the wagon so far that I can’t even see the road. “After reading Rev. Malkmus’ article Man’s Physical Body – Most Complex of All God’s Creations, I feel God calling me back to health! This article caught my attention and has blessed me today! I now realize that God has created us to honor Him with our bodies, as well as with our voices. Praise God for Rev. Malkmus! God bless you Rev. Malkmus.” Lisa B.
“I so enjoyed being in touch with Hallelujah Acres during your 60 Days to a Hallelujah Waistline webinars. I wish you could continue that program all the time or at least often. Here in Michigan I feel like the lone ranger because there is no one here to help or support me. “On the 60 day challenge I have lost 32 pounds – down from 182 pounds to 150 pounds. I never want to weigh that much again. My aim is 135 pounds by July 8th, our 38th wedding anniversary.” Brenda H., Michigan
EDITOR’S NOTE: We will indeed be continuing the 60 Day Challenge program. Keep watching this blog for news about our all-new 60 Days with the Hallelujah Diet website coming soon!
“My wife found your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’ and I read it. I found it so interesting that I read it in one sitting – couldn’t put it down. This book is one of the best books I have ever read and I thank you for writing it. I am a born again Christian and sure appreciated your testimony. I would love to be added to your newsletter mailing list so that I can get your paper publication. We live in the country and have 10 acres of land and each year have a huge garden.” Bob H., Wadena, Minnesota
Why Christians Get Sick has over a million copies in print. The book was written by Rev. Malkmus over 20 years ago on an electric typewriter, before computers came into vogue. The book has been translated into several languages and drawn more positive response than any other book he has written. If you haven’t already read the book, it is available online or by calling 1-800-915-9355. We’ll conclude this week’s MAILBAG with a letter from a pastor who writes to tell about his experience with the new Hurom juicer, responding to this editor’s recent article.
“I have used the Hurom juicer for several months. Everything George says about the juicer is correct. I too have owned several different types of juicers but this one is the best. George is right about the ‘self-feeding’ feature of the juicer: Just drop whatever you are juicing into the juicer and the giant augur will pull it down without any effort on your part. I almost burned up my old Champion juicer trying to juice wheat grass and green leafy vegetables, but this juicer makes juicing even wheat grass and green leafy vegetables a breeze.” Pastor P.
EDITOR NOTE: The Hurom juicer does leave more pulp in the juice than most other juicers do, but this pulp can be easily removed by running the juice through a strainer and pressing any juice left in the pulp through the strainer with a spoon. No matter what the brand of juicer a person is using, it is recommended that the juice be strained before consuming. The $2,000 Norwalk juicer would be the only exception.

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