Back on the Mission Field at Age 71

Back on the Mission Field at Age 71

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Health Minister Carla Curry endured injuries, surgeries, tumors, arthritis and debilitating pain from 1958 to 2000. Then she adopted The Hallelujah Diet. We published her original story in 2003. She recently wrote again to share with us about her experience on a missionary trip to the African bush country at the age of 71. Both letters are included below.
My testimony begins in 1958 when I was involved in a serious hit and run accident. It injured my spine severely and at the time, the doctors told me I should have surgery. Three weeks from my wedding, and the surgery would involve one year in a body cast, I opted to go without surgery as long as I could. I was also advised not to get pregnant because of the injury. Nine years and three pregnancies later, I awoke one morning to legs that could not move. I was hospitalized three months and acquired a rebuilt spine of grafted bone and stainless steel wire. Prior to this time, I had experienced several surgeries on my legs for cardio-vascular problems. During a lengthy hospital stay, I developed phlebitis and hematoma that covered from my left knee all across my abdomen and up to the bottom of my heart. Two more emergency surgeries were performed. At the end of three months I returned home to care for my three children. Due to this, my back never healed properly, and as the years progressed the pain got worse and arthritis began to set into my spine. In 1977, I faced an immediate and complete hysterectomy due to several tumors in my ovaries. I was 38 years old! My body’s reaction to this was violent, and I ended up being diagnosed as manic-depressive, and put on Lithium in combination with other tranquilizers and anti-depressants for nine years. The results were devastating. I lost my hair, my job, and most of my sanity. In 1989 I had to apply for disability as the pain and immobility made work impossible. I now had advanced osteoporosis. Chest pain was present most of the time and at times it was so severe it felt as though I was having a heart attack. In 1991, the Lord called me to the mission field. I had been on anti-depressants for over 30 years. I thought the Lord was joking and put the thought aside. We were just completing the fifth year of my husband’s prostate cancer battle. In the fall of that year, my husband died. In 1995, the call to the mission field came again and I was obedient. In 1998, after four years of widowhood, I married a missionary I had met in 1996 during missionary training. At this time I was trying my best to ignore the pain and immobility. In 1999, we came in contact with the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. We immediately started the Hallelujah diet. Healing began, but stopped abruptly when we went to the mission field and had no facilities to prepare our own food. My pain was constant now, and I would sometimes have to climb stairways practically on my hands and knees. I could not sleep, and was taking as many as 18 Excedrin a day. I became very angry with God for not healing me. The Lord answered me very quietly saying ‘I have already shown you the way to healing.’ I knew immediately in my spirit that He was referring to the Hallelujah Diet I had previously been introduced to so I started back on the Hallelujah Diet that very day. When I started the diet the pain in my body was almost intolerable and taking so many painkillers was tearing up my stomach and kidneys, but I had to continue taking them in order to be able to do the simplest of things. Arthritis was rampant in every bone in my body. The extreme pain in my chest from made breathing difficult. My headaches were of migraine level. On February 19, 2000, we purchased our Champion juicer, and went totally vegan, following Dr. Malkmus’ personal diet to the letter. After only 19 days, I had energy to spare and was sleeping like a baby and 60% of my bone and chest pain was gone. By May I was 85% free from all pain and was able to run upstairs with only small knee pain, and not even out of breath. I also discovered that the massive cysts in both breasts were gone. After less than four months on the Hallelujah plan, I noticed the large cyst on the right side of my back, which had been the size of a hen’s egg, was almost flat, and I was walking two miles a day at a fast pace and experiencing little pain. By October 2000 I noticed that a pre-cancerous lesion under my right eye, that had been there for many years was 90% gone, and today I can barely find it. By December 2000 the egg sized cyst on my back could not be found. In 2003, I celebrated my three-year anniversary on the Hallelujah Diet and following is a summation of the improvements I have experienced since making the diet and lifestyle change.
  • Arthritis pain 95% gone.
  • Fibroid tumors, some totally gone, others reduced by two-thirds.
  • Off all medications
  • Energy to spare and breathing normal in all activities.
  • Blood count up, remaining in normal range
  • Stomach nausea and cramping gone
  • Irritable bowel problems gone
  • Debilitating headaches gone
  • Mind is clear with quick thinking
  • Hands totally clear of all pain
Thanks to Hallelujah Acres and Dr. George and Rhonda Malkmus, I have control over my body and mind and have dedicated them to the Lord once again. I not only believe in Dr. Malkmus and God’s healing answer, but also support it totally with my own testimony. My husband Richard and I attended Health Minister training in July 2001 so that we could provide this information to others. At this writing I am nearing my 64th Birthday and currently hold down a full-time job at the local veggie market where I’m on my feet all day. I serve on my church’s mission board, I am active in a Hallelujah Acres Support Group, and minister one-on-one to anyone needing help getting started on the Hallelujah Diet. Thank you again Dr. George and Rhonda Malkmus for your dedication to teaching God’s plan for a life worth living, disease free.
September 2010 Update:
Hi Rhonda and George, I just returned from three weeks of mission work in Zambia and the Congo. I wanted to touch base and give you an idea of the success I had being on the Hallelujah Acres Diet, at least the best I could under the circumstances on this missionary trip. There were five others on the trip with me who were not on the Hallelujah Diet, and though I was not able to get any fresh veggies or fruits, I faithfully took my BarleyMax (6 teaspoons per day) and even though I out-aged the others by a minimum of 13 years, I ran circles around them and had more energy than any of them. Some of those with me were 22 years younger. And though I did have to eat some unidentifiable things in the bush villages; I did not experience any illness except some throat and breathing irritation from the constant smoke from fires in the villages that were burning around me 24 hours a day. I sometimes rode for hours crammed in a small vehicle with 23 other people, mostly natives. I slept on things that most would not consider beds, and we were even arrested by a team claiming we were American terrorists. Fortunately we were able to bargain for our release out of the Congo. Anyway, to make a long story short, along with BarleyMax and some probiotics I made it through the trip without any illnesses. Today I signed up for the 60-Day Hallelujah Challenge on the internet as I have one person who is trying to adopt the Hallelujah Diet and I have been asked by others to teach the Hallelujah Acres program once again and I thought it would be good for me to be able to refresh myself with this 60-Day challenge approach to the diet so I can better help others as they transition to the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle. I’m trying to get used to the six hour time change as African time is six hours ahead of time here. I am still waking up at 2:30 A.M. and walking around like it was time for breakfast. Ha! Love you both, write when you can, Carla

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