"Awesome" Nutritional Healing!

"Awesome" Nutritional Healing!

“I am sharing a very awesome story of nutritional healing with all my friends on my e-mail contact list. Nine months ago my cousin’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 hepatic cellular liver cancer and given two months to live... "Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were not really an option though his oncologist said chemotherapy might slow the tumor growth. And so he tried the chemotherapy for one week – but got so sick he stopped. With the doctor offering him no other option, he went on an all vegan diet called the Hallelujah Diet which consists of mostly raw organic vegetables, fruits, and a large amount of freshly extracted carrot juice. He began the diet in June 2013 and after just four months his golf ball sized tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea. He had another CT scan last week, on February 11 2014, and his oncologist said his tumors were completely gone and his blood work was perfect. His doctor called him a ‘miracle’ and pronounced he was now ‘cancer free’. My cousin is a registered nurse and has all her husband’s medical records and corresponding data. Contact me anytime if you have any questions. Yours to good health! ~ Jack S., Florida
Rev. Malkmus Comments: The above testimony was the result of a class I conducted in my church last spring called Biblical Nutrition 101. Jack, the writer of the above testimony was in that class along with the gentleman whose testimony appears above and his wife (Jack’s cousin and her husband) who had just been diagnosed with the cancer of the liver. At the most recent Hallelujah Potluck in my church on February 11, both were in attendance. If only we could get the Hallelujah Diet into all the churches, we could have similar testimonies happening on a regular basis. On another note, birthday greetings are still coming in and now total over 300! Below are a few of the most recent:
“Happy Birthday sir, because of your ministry my life and health is forever transformed!” ~ Nancy E.
“On the Hallelujah Recovery Diet now........soon to go to the regular Hallelujah Diet. I am so THANKFUL for this diet. I cannot explain how thankful I am. God is AMAZING!” ~ Lorraine M.
“Happy birthday! I followed the 80/20 Hallelujah Diet 11 years ago after 2 rounds of chemo and I have been cancer free since. Thank you.” ~ Elizabeth P.

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