As Your Children or Grandchildren Head Back to School, You Can Fortify Them with Healthy Nutrition

As Your Children or Grandchildren Head Back to School, You Can Fortify Them with Healthy Nutrition

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From preschool to college, children and young adults are often exposed to many germs and bad bacteria from their peers at school. As a result, they often come home sick or end up in the college infirmary, especially with colds and flu. So you want the kids in your family to have a strengthened immune system. Also, with all their activities, you don’t want them to be too tired to focus on their schoolwork and homework, sports and other pursuits. So, in addition to fortifying children’s defenses against sickness, you want them to have enough energy to get everything done during the day and into the evening, and then get the sleep they need to start fresh the next day.

A delicious source of on-the-go living nutrition

Because children are often quite busy throughout the day, they expend considerable energy. They may skip a meal or simply not get the nutrition they need from the meals they eat. In fact, even the healthiest diet doesn’t provide all the nutrients that people of all ages need to maintain optimal health at the cellular level. One solution is to throw a >Survival Bar into a child’s lunchbox every day and have a 12-pack sent to the young adult in college. Survival Bars are a great way to ensure that your child is getting the living nutrition they need. Whether eaten after lunch, all by itself as a meal substitute or at any point in the day, a Survival Bar is ideally suited to a child’s busy, on-the-go lifestyle. They provide exceptional nutrition because they are superior raw fuel composed of:
  • Organic raw juice powders that bathe your child’s cells in rich nutrients
  • 100% raw dried nuts, seeds and fruits for nourishment and energy
Even though Survival Bars might seem to be too nutritious to also be delicious, they are actually very tasty. And that’s important because many children and young adults will avoid anything they don’t like, no matter how healthy.

The perfect beverage for any meal

Because of mounting evidence of the link between excessive sugar intake and cardiovascular health, the American Heart Association (AHA) published guidelines in 2009 to help consumers to understand how much sugar intake is too much. The AHA guidelines indicate that:
  • Depending on how many calories they consume daily, children should have no more than three to eight teaspoons of sugar each day above and beyond what they get from their diet.
  • Another AHA study revealed that children as young as one to three years old already consumed about 12 teaspoons of sugar daily, and older children consumed even more.
As every adult knows, most kids love sweets, but sweets can mean too much sugar in the diet, even if it’s just a sugary drink with lunch every day. But sodas are just one source of the problem. A 2012 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 59 percent of children’s overall sugar intake comes from foods and 41 percent from beverages. So it’s important to pay attention to what children eat and drink—their entire diet. After all, excessive sugar can cause a wide variety of problems ranging from tooth decay to obesity and even diabetes, a growing problem among the young. In addition to supplementing a child’s diet with nutritious Survival Bars, you can also place a smoothie in the lunchbox every day (or products from the Brain Power Smoothies Kit and a shaker so that your child can mix their smoothie at school). But what makes Brain Power Smoothies so special? You can answer that question with the answer to this question: what is more important for a child than optimal brain development? Brain Power Smoothies help cells to develop and function properly in the heart, retina, brain and other parts of the nervous system. Specifically, Brain Power Smoothies contain the vitamins and nutrition a child needs for optimal health:
  • B-Flax-D – vital nutrition in a wonderful fiber source
  • Vitamin B12 – helps to prevent nerve damage and anemia and aids in healthy cell formation
  • Vitamin D – helps the body to absorb important minerals
  • Seleno-yeast – a source of selenium, a mineral with powerful anti-viral and disease-fighting properties
  • Vitamin K2 – prevents arterial calcification and promotes strong bones
  • Nutritional Essentials – found to exert powerful antioxidant capabilities
  • Finest pure fish oil – benefits include ability to help manage cholesterol, strengthen the heart and treat conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to a weakened immune system and AHDH

Do children need additional vitamins and supplements?

Here are a few important factors to consider:

  • Digestive disorders are on the rise, including acid reflux, and increasingly among young people. Poor diet and toxins from the environment can negatively impact the gastrointestinal tract’s ability to defend against potentially harmful toxins, germs and pollutants.
  • One way to address this threat is with Digestive Enzymes. These live enzymes are designed to enhance the ability to digest foods properly and maximize absorption of the nutrients that nourish healthy cells.
  • Another dietary supplement designed to support digestive health is Children’s Probiotic, which helps children’s bodies to maintain healthy intestinal bacteria and is especially recommended for children on antibiotics. In addition to its digestive benefits, Children’s Probiotic is a plant-based supplement that helps to support and build a strong immune system to fight off illness.
  • Vitamin C also supports the immune system and prevents free radical damage, among other benefits. But not all types of vitamin C are created equally. Liposomal Vitamin C is unique because the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and cells (including white blood cells that use vitamin C to fight infections) rather than being digested like ordinary vitamin C. As a result, you get far higher delivery and absorption of vitamin C so it can do the most good
  • Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid function, which regulates the production of energy in every cell of the body. It also helps with learning and nerve development, especially in infants and young children. With ongoing concerns about radiation from Fukushima, it is especially wise to protect your students with iodine. In fact, there are so many reasons to supplement with iodine that it makes great sense to ensure long-term health by getting some now. It is easy to put a few drops of Nascent Iodine into your first glass of water in the morning or blend it into your BarleyMax or morning smoothie.
  • One of the best ways to optimize health is by blending raw fruits and vegetables, a rapidly growing trend, even among teens and college students. You can give that student the gift of better health with the Tribest Personal Blender. Whether your young adult wants to make delicious and nutritious smoothies, grind seeds, blend sauces or simply crush ice, this affordable blender is recommended by the experts at Hallelujah Diet.
The bottom line is that unhealthy habits in children can persist and cause problems now and later. But healthy habits can pave the way to a lifetime of optimal health, through adulthood and well into old age.

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