Are Artificial Sweeteners Better Than Sugar?

Are Artificial Sweeteners Better Than Sugar?

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As our population is experiencing expanding waistlines, many people are looking for easy solutions to cut down on the number of calories that they are consuming each day. Food manufacturers introduced artificial sweeteners about 30 years ago, and these sweeteners have become commonplace on grocery store shelves. Products with artificial sweeteners are commonly mistaken as a better alternative to sugar, but the truth is that they are quite harmful to your health.

Confusing Advertising and False Health Claims

Just because artificial sweeteners can be found in many types of food, doesn't mean that they are good for your health. Foods that are marketed as "diet" usually have artificial sweeteners, because these ingredients create a sweeter taste without adding calories. The problem is that many people assume that the "diet" label means that it's a healthier alternative. These marketing claims are quite deceptive, leading people to make poor dietary choices. Recent studies indicate that people consuming artificial sweeteners actually gain more weight when they are consuming "diet" products. The chemicals in the artificial sweeteners cause the body to crave more sweets, so they are eating more carbs which leads to weight gain. Also, research studies have suggested that artificial sweeteners could cause cancer, as well as a host of other health problems. If you want to live a healthy life, then you should stay away from artificial sweeteners!

Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer?

It is interesting to consider the fact that artificial sweeteners took 16 years before they were approved by the FDA, and even though they were approved, the FDA pointed out that many of the research studies were "... sloppy at best." Industry backed studies said that 100% of the research proved artificial sweeteners to be safe for consumption. It is suspicious to see that all of the research studies were backed by an industry who stood to profit by the findings. Since artificial sweeteners were introduced to the food industry, there have been more complaints about aspartame than all other types of food additives combined. Additionally, nonbiased research studies have been done, which link artificial sweeteners to certain types of cancer. It has been found that artificial sweeteners can break down into carcinogenic chemicals: diketopiperazine (DkP), formaldehyde, and methanol.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Sweeteners

The truth is that artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar, and it is best to avoid both of these things if you are fighting cancer or want to avoid cancer. Even though additional research needs to be done in order to determine the exact impact that artificial sweeteners have on the human body, we know that these sweeteners are not considered "food." Whether the studies prove the danger of artificial sweeteners or not, it is best to stick with real food ingredients that support the health of your body. There are plenty of better sweeteners to choose from, including fresh fruit, stevia, honey, or maple syrup. Natural, whole, unprocessed foods provide the body with nutrition which can be used without harm, and unnatural ingredients should be avoided whenever possible.

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