Are Immune Boosters Safe for Children?

Are Immune Boosters Safe for Children?

Your child’s immune system, which is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, defends him or her every day against germs and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi. In most cases, the immune system successfully keeps your children healthy and free of serious infections. As a parent, you are glad there are multiple ways to help them strengthen and protect their immune systems. In this article, not only will you learn that immune boosters are, indeed, safe for your children, but also that they should be considered as part of an overall wellness “package” centered around each child.

How to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

Boosting your child’s immunity is easier than you may think. With the right adjustments to their lifestyle and everyday habits, you can keep them in excellent health and protect them against germs and viruses, which they come in contact with during their busy lives. Apart from considering the lifestyle tips for maintaining your child’s healthy immune system outlined below, consideration should also be given to boosting their immune systems by using supplements suitable for children. mother daughter drinking juice


Despite your efforts, your child still might not be getting enough of the nutrients his or her body needs. After checking with a natural health practitioner before starting your child on any new supplement or herb regimen, you might want to stock up on kid-friendly immune-boosting vitamin and mineral supplements. This will help ensure your child is getting optimal amounts of each essential nutrient and make up for what might be lacking from their diet. In particular, these may be found in the Hallelujah Diet's® immune system booster kits. To reduce the risk for mental decline (including memory loss) and maximize brain development in your child, you can try the brain-boosting supplement kit. When safely to dispersed to your child, this kit contains omega-3-rich flax seeds, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, additional antioxidants, and omega-3 fish oil. This kit includes the finest pure fish oil, Nutritional Essentials, and B-Flax D, and these provide an extra boost to power your child through the day! There’s even a recipe for a delicious Brain Power Smoothie. For even more smoothie ideas, be sure to check out our Smoothie Recipe Book. girl giving health foods thumbs up

Lifestyle Tips

In addition to these supplementation ideas, you can also consider the following lifestyle tips for maintaining your child’s healthy immune system: Encourage good hydration All major systems in the body—immunity included—are affected by hydration. Not only should you provide them with a bottle of water as they start their day, but you should encourage your children to eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. This would add a healthy dose of nutrient-rich fluids to help hydrate their day. Prioritize healthy hygiene habits Germs and viruses are located just about everywhere you could imagine, and steps need to be taken to avoid infection especially if your child participates in group activities where contact with others is unavoidable. Make sure they get enough sleep each night Studies show that children who don’t get enough sleep can be affected by obesity and can end up with behavioral and learning problems. Help your child minimize their stress levels Anxiety and stress can be a constant struggle for a child due to academic and peer pressure. With the right care, your child will learn how to lower his or her anxiety levels and become better at coping with anxiety-provoking situations. Exercise regularly Some children just aren't into sports, but kid fitness may be as simple as a walk in the park. You can help them discover the benefits and joys of physical activity. Table tennis is a great sport for developing hand-eye coordination that can be conveniently played right at home. For a child to regularly exercise, she or he must be motivated—treating it as a matter of personal choice, preference, and responsibility. Encourage him or her to spend at least two and a half hours every week in some or other activity—that's just 30 minutes a day—to improve overall wellness. Follow a healthy diet The power of a healthy diet is undeniable. Processed foods, not to mention refined sugars, can completely break down the immune system, so encourage your child to ditch the unhealthy options and rather embrace more natural, plant-based way of eating. The right blend of vitamins, minerals, and supplements can give your child all the fuel needed to repair, restore, and thrive.

The Bottom Line

Despite every precaution you take to prevent your child from getting sick due to a compromised immune system, sometimes illness inevitably occurs. You can’t avoid it—instead, make sure your child stays home, gets plenty of rest, keeps hydrated, and keeps up with the extra supplementation.

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