Ann and Paul Arrive In Nigeria!

Ann and Paul Arrive In Nigeria!

We finally made it! After hours upon hours (and more hours) in the air, we have arrived in Nigeria — and it's been full steam ahead since we landed. We're quite taken aback by all the attention we're getting here (we're getting the rock star treatment). We have lots of people helping us adjust to the culture and we're even being provided with police escort whenever we head out of our hotel for our next engagement. This is going to take some getting used to!
In the photo above are two Nigerian police officers who have been providing security for us whenever we leave the hotel. The gentlemen with the green shirt next to Paul is one of the drivers who has taken us to our venues. Next to Ann is Lady Angela and next to her is her assistant.
We started our busy schedule on Friday, November 16 with a radio interview on Love 104.5 FM with Lady Angela Ohuabunwa. She and her husband Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa are heading up Hallelujah Acres' expansion to Nigeria. The interview was broadcast in the Abuja, Nigeria region. On Saturday, we were interviewed on AM Express, a TV program that is broadcast throughout Nigeria. Then on Sunday, we had two opportunities to speak at St. Matthews Anglican Church at both the 7:00 am and 10:00 am services. Monday, we spoke at the National Health Conference in Abuja. Many important government officials and dignitaries were in attendance. It was very exciting to have the opportunity to share the Hallelujah Acres health message at this venue. We only wish that Rev. Malkmus could have come along with us. The impact on this country from his visit more than a decade ago still resonates today! At the National Health conference in Abuja on Monday, politicians and doctors presented their message on after another, fully endorsing The Hallelujah Diet. It was standing room only, with 500-700 people in the crowd. It was truly awe-inspiring! We're off to more engagements today. Stay tuned for more updates from Nigeria!

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