Andrea's Asthma Miracle

Hi there, it’s Ann. This article is for all the worrying moms out there (which would be ALL moms). :) If you’ve ever had a kid with asthma, you know the panic that can strike you every time the common cold gets passed around. I know it all too well, but I want to encourage you with a story about my daughter and how we overcame her asthma — so that you can do it, too! My daughter, Andrea, had pretty serious asthma ever since she was around 2 years old. When she got a cold, it would just stay in her chest; she would cough until she would vomit. It got progressively worse every year. It was not unusual for us to go to the emergency room every time she caught a cold. We didn’t know what else to do. She would cough until she would throw up and cough while she was throwing up; it was pretty scary. At the hospital, they would treat her with a nebulizer and steroid shots. Of course, we had her on the Standard American Diet, which didn't help. She was drinking milk, eating ice cream and cheese. We knew nothing about the connection between these foods and asthma, so it became a perpetual cycle. When she was 5, we started with inhalers, but soon they didn’t work anymore. We had to use one of those emergency room nebulizers at home. It was serious. Andrea’s case was one of those that if you didn’t realize what was going on, she could have died; she could never catch her breath. This was not your garden variety asthma, if you will. It was during this time that I was invited by a friend to a church to hear Rev. Malkmus speak about The Hallelujah Diet. I had IBS at the time, and with Andrea’s asthma troubles (not to mention severe juvenile arthritis as well — we’ll get into that another time), we decided to give The Hallelujah Diet a try. The next time Andrea caught a cold, we didn’t notice a difference. But then her colds became less frequent, and when she did get a cold, we didn’t have to take her to the hospital anymore. That was huge! It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually she got better. I’m convinced she would have gotten better faster if she wasn’t a little girl — going to other little girls' houses for slumber parties, eating their Standard American food, and then coming home to detox all over again! Still, The Hallelujah Diet was obviously working. In fact, she improved to the point that we never had to take her to the emergency room again! The nebulizer sat on the shelf for many years (collecting dust), but I couldn’t part with it; it was sort of an “insurance policy” to me in case anything went drastically wrong — but we never used it. Compared to what she used to go through, it was a miracle! She still carried an inhaler with her, but I don’t think she ever used it. Most times, it expired without being used once. Today, Andrea is a married, 27-year-old woman without asthma… unless she decides to stray from her diet. However, if symptoms return, she knows exactly why and what to do about it — go back to that not-so-crazy-after-all Hallelujah Diet that mom taught her. Now that she’s on her own, I know that she knows what’s best for her health. And since I can’t be there for her every day, that’s all this worrying mom can hope for. Do you have grown kids on The Hallelujah Diet? Scroll down below the related articles to comment!

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