Air Purity Impact the Risk of Cancer

How Does Air Purity Impact Your Risk of Cancer?

It is easy to take your breathing for granted, especially because the body will continue maintaining a steady breath even when you aren’t consciously focused on the breath. Pause for a moment to bring awareness to your breathing patterns, and notice how the air is flowing in and out of your body. Is your diaphragm moving up and down steadily, or are you breathing with short and shallow breaths? Do you pause throughout the day to take a few deep breaths?

How Breathing Affects Cancer Growth

If you want to reduce your risk of cancer, then it is essential that you pay attention to your breathing. Cancer can’t survive in an oxygen-rich environment, and breathing is a method that brings fresh oxygen into the body. Whether a person is fighting cancer or wants to create an environment that isn’t conducive to the development of cancer, then deep breathing habits need to be incorporated into the day.

Learn How to Breath More Effectively

As long as you are alive, the body will maintain your breathing patterns automatically. But, just because you are continuing to breathe, doesn’t mean that you are getting the oxygen levels that are necessary to protect your health. Learning to breathe more effectively can move oxygen deep into the cells, helping to create an oxygen-rich environment that repels cancer growth. Throughout the day, make a concerted effort to breathe deeply. Pause for a moment when you are in a clean environment and take a few deep breaths. Take a 2 minute break at work to breathe deeply. Breathe deeply when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed. Schedule 15 minutes in the morning before breakfast to breathe deeply and enjoy a glass of freshly pressed vegetable juice.

Purity of the Air

By increasing your deep breathing patterns you can boost oxygen within the body. At the same time, you also need to consider the air quality, because poor air quality will increase the amount of contaminants that you are breathing in. It can actually be more damaging to breathe polluted air, because the body has to expend more energy in order to get rid of the harmful toxins. Avoid air that is contaminated by smoke, exhaust, or other harmful compounds. You might even consider installing a high quality air purifier in your home, and open your windows whenever you can as the air outside is almost always cleaner than the air inside. It is also beneficial to use a full body detox kit on a regular basis, which will help to remove the toxins that you might have breathed in from impure air.

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