A Visit With George and Rhonda

A Visit With George and Rhonda

In Paul and Ann’s Blog last week, they share their recent visit with Rhonda and me in Florida — check out the comments below!

An Update on George and Rhonda

By Paul and Ann Malkmus

We just spent the weekend in sunny Florida with George and Rhonda. We hadn’t been to their house in a year and it was time for a family reunion. We thought you might enjoy a glimpse of how these two incredible people spend their time and even — what their mealtime is like!

Both George and Rhonda look well rested and are enjoying life. With him in his 80's and her into her 70’s, it is so good to see they are both still active, easy to talk with, and totally engaged in life.

Their activity level hasn’t decreased even though he is no longer on the road. He is still writing his weekly blog and speaking on occasions as desired as well as quite active in their church. He also enjoys his container gardens and proudly displayed the tomato plants, collard greens and lemons to us.

Rhonda has taught adult Sunday school classes, multiple food preparation classes and has recently been invited to speak at a women’s group. She truly enjoys working on different recipes in her kitchen and loves to go outside on her patio and cut fresh herbs to place in her recipes.

George still does his Fit 10 and spends time on their Gazelle Glider and the two of them walk the beach for a couple of miles each day and again go for a long walk in the neighborhood.

They enjoy their friends, their neighbors and each other. They have found laughter to be their constant companion. Their spiritual nature is always present, yet they find joy in every moment.

They are still strong in their endeavor to maintaining proper daily nourishment. Their juicer and blender are the two most used appliances in their kitchen. With their daily juices and smoothies along with their blended salads and excellent cooked recipes that Rhonda creates, those two have an incredible diet and combined with their exercise and reduced stress, we are just so happy they are finally getting to enjoy some R and R. They truly deserve it!

Despite retirement, they are always eager to share the message of the miraculous self-healing body with anyone who cares to listen. They are tireless in their desire to reach those who need this powerful message.

As we sat with them in their church, it was obvious that they have blessed that congregation in many ways and the people were eager to tell us how wonderful our parents are. Many shared their incredible healing testimonies after implementing the Hallelujah Diet.

We are so proud of them. For nearly 25 years they have set the example for all of us to follow as they traveled around the country and the world sharing the wonders of their God-given bodies. Now in retirement they continue to be the living testimonies that proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can keep our bodies healthy and our minds strong. It is exciting to see them having the quality of life allowing them to truly enjoy their retirement years.

"I love it. This is such great, inspiring news. God bless you, George & Rhonda." ~ Janet
"We had the pleasure of sharing lunch with George and Rhonda in March as we were passing through their area and can attest that they are rested, vibrant and enjoying retirement! Thank you both for being such a great example of living life to the fullest, the way the Lord has intended for each of His children. We love you!" ~ The Brillants
"Thanks for sharing ... What a blessing they are .. Thanks…" ~ Karen M.
"I thank God for George and Rhonda. God has really used them to be an encouragement to me. I just completed the Health Minister course and I hope that God will bless me also, to be a blessing to others as I go forth and share all that I have learned." ~ Anonymous
"Can you let me know what the Fit 10 exercises are? Thank you." ~ Ruth L.
"Where do I get this fit 10?" ~ Mike B.
Mike and Ruth - get the Fit 10 here!
"Thank you for the update. I think about them so much and so appreciate the gift that they are and have been to me and my family. Please keep the updates on them and you coming. Thank you also for your continuation of the wonderful Hallelujah Diet and your products." ~ Kathy T.
"They have served so many, so well, and are an inspiration for living a life dedicated to wellness of body, mind and spirit." ~ Anne Elizabeth S.

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