A Testimony in Progress...

A Testimony in Progress...

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Most of the testimonies we share are "finished" testimonies — the person has been on the Hallelujah Diet long enough to see most of their physical problems go away. So I thought it would be a nice change of pace to share a testimony from one who just got started on the diet, and see what they had to say. This letter comes from a man who lives in New Jersey:
“Dr. Malkmus, Soon I will give you a full testimony, but I can at least start sharing that testimony today. I have now been on the Hallelujah Diet for three weeks. Since going on the diet, there have been days I felt so lousy that I wanted to give up, but because I was experiencing some good days also, I didn’t quit. “Before adopting the Hallelujah Diet, I would force myself to go help my brother build his house for an hour, and then have to go home and sleep the rest of the day, until it was time to go to my night job. My night job allowed me to sleep, and so I would sleep there. “I would go to the doctor and take his tests, but they always showed my blood and heart were fine, and frankly, that worried me. I was sleeping 16-20 hours a day, and my doctor said ‘Not to worry.’ And even though I had just turned 50, I told my family that I was not going to live another year. You just know when there is something wrong inside your body. “Anyway, I have been on the Hallelujah Diet with no wrong foods for 21 days, and though I cannot say that I feel great, I can say that I feel better! Both yesterday and today I walked in the park, over many hills, for over an hour, and this was after I had worked at my brother’s house. “Three days ago, after working at my brother’s house, I still had the strength to go to the post office and then visit my nephew, something I had never had the energy to do. Before, I used to have to plan to do one thing a day – like working at my brother’s house, or going to the post office, or visiting my nephew. “Before the diet change, I was so weak I started having dark thoughts, knowing that I could no longer go on like this. But I am now regaining my strength, even though it is slow, it is sure! Tons of mucous is coming out of me and I still have a list of problems – about 20 of them – and I still get tired, but I am getting better! One day I will write you a full testimony, when I get completely better. But for now, I have already lost 5 pounds, and my stomach is so much smaller that my pans are no longer tight around the waist. I want to lose weight and be healthy not only for my own benefit, but also to inspire my nephew who also needs to get on this Hallelujah Diet!” ~ Mike S., New Jersey

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