A Simple Evening Meal (Part 2)

A Simple Evening Meal (Part 2)

Here's an easy idea for a Hallelujah dinner... let someone else do the cooking! Rev. Malkmus gives a quick tip on some menu ideas from a frozen food company that's in sync with The Hallelujah Diet.

In last week’s Health Tip, A Simple Evening Meal (Part 1), I shared the simple process of preparing my evening meal, which does not need to take hours to make. It can take a very short period of time – be healthy – and tastes great!

This week I want to share a few other items that are simple to prepare for that cooked portion of the evening meal. Go to the frozen food section of your health food store and look for “Amy’s” products (Amy's Kitchen). Many supermarkets now carry this brand of healthy frozen meals. One of my personal favorites is their Black Bean Vegetable Burrito. Just pop it in a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes, and it is ready. It is delicious. Amy’s also has a very tasty pizza without cheese, a veggie burger, and several other items that will tantalize your taste buds. All Amy's brand products are organic, but you need to be aware that several of their products do contain cheese and/or tofu, both of which are not currently recommended components of The Hallelujah Diet.

If you missed part one, take a minute to review our recommendation for preparing A Simple Evening Meal (Part 1).

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